Presentation on ADHD Couple Life

Surviving your ADHD couple can be a struggle

Surviving Your ADHD Couple When One Had It and the Other Doesn’t

I know that being in a couple where one person has ADHD can be a struggle. I’ve lived it with my wonderful ADHD husband, Duane. In May 2009, we’ll celebrate our 25th anniversary and I can’t imagine ever wanting to be with anyone more than with him.

From turbulent to bliss…

What started as a turbulent marriage has turned out to be an amazing journey with my soul mate. It took some work from both of us but it was and still is worth it.

Come and find out how we did it as Duane and I speak at a public conference presented by the Learning Disabilities Association of Quebec or LDAQ Montreal Chapter 1.

Surviving Your ADHD Couple: When One Has It and the Other Doesn’t

Wednesday, February 25th at 7:30 pm

at the Hôpital Montreal Children’s Hospital

Amphitheatre D-182, 2300 Tupper in Montreal

(two steps from the Atwater Metro)

P.S. Invite your spouse with you

The LDAQ appreciates a small contribution to help defray meeting and photocopying expenses.


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