Resources to Manage ADHD

No matter where you are on your Creative Genius journey, the right resources make the difference. They will support you as you progress. They’ll help you craft a life you love. They’ll help you reach your potential. You want to make your best contribution to your family, your community, and the world. The right resources will help you realize your true value as your authentic self.

I know life is chaotic and you want everything to change right now. But change needs to be incremental. Change starts with building awareness. You must learn new skills, and then you must put those changes in place one small step at a time. 

Confident Woman

We have many resources to help you on your journey. We help Creative Geniuses like you improve your productivity using Creative-Genius-friendly approaches. Our resources will help you learn about your unique brain wiring. That’s important because it alerts you to both strategies and pitfalls. Some are free, while others require a small investment. All will require an investment of your time and effort.

Top 3 Productivity Hacks Creative Geniuses (free)

Sign up for the Top 3 Productivity Hacks for Creative Geniuses. In this free 15-page report we reveal several strategies for upgrading your productivity. Most Creative Geniuses don’t know about these strategies. And you’ll be thrilled at the difference they’ll make.

The report is eye opening, but it will only make a difference in your life if you put its strategies into action. To help you take that extra step, we’ll also send you emails with valuable tips to help you apply those strategies. No worries. We’ll only send you relevant information, and you can unsubscribe anytime.

Top 3 productivity hacks

Our Private Creative Genius Community (free)

You’re also invited to join our free private community, the Creative Genius Community. No, this is not a Facebook group. It’s a private community of Creative Geniuses like you that is off social media networks. There are no algorithms, and no irrelevant ads. Just other Creative Geniuses like you, supporting each other. And only your fellow Creative Geniuses will know you’re here. Everything you learn in the community will be relevant for you.

Creative Genius Commuity

Creative Geniuses often carry a lot of shame because of our struggles with ADHD. You cannot grow if you live with shame. Shame prevents you from taking risks (even small ones). And without risk, there’s no learning and no growth. We conquer shame with a supportive community of people who “get you.” When you spend time with people who’ve had the same experiences as you, you develop the courage you need to be yourself.

The power of community is especially strong for Creative Geniuses. We’re very motivated by our peers. Connecting with a group learning the same material improves motivation. You’ll feel heard and understood, likely for the first time.

From time to time, we will inform you of free and paid events and program offers just for Creative Geniuses.

Start Your Journey ($77 US / $97 CAD)

Many Creative Geniuses struggle to build simple routines and habits. If you’re at the beginning of your journey as a Creative Genius, Your Path Forward is the best place to start. Your Path Forward is a 10-week self-study program to help you establish routines and habits. Many Creative Geniuses struggle because their lives are unpredictable. They are often late for work (and everything else). They are behind on their bills. Their house is a mess. Neurotypicals manage these things using routines. But Creative Geniuses need a different approach to master routines. This course teaches you how to build routines and habits to support you in your Creative Genius life.

We build this, and all our online programs, to help you put the changes you need into place in your life. It’s the reason we only release one module per week. You learn, then you do what you learn. You adjust, and then you act again.