Hi, I’m Coach Linda.

I help Creative Geniuses, like you, transform the chaos and overwhelm of your life to focus and fulfillment. You’ve discovered, like we have, that traditional approaches to get focused, productive and organized fall short for Creative Geniuses. Let us help.

Do you want to calm the chaos? Get more done? Have time to spare?

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Are You a Creative Genius?

You have a million ideas, each better than the last. You’re creative. And scattered. You’re persistent, or is it stubborn? You’re spontaneous. Some call it impulsive. You’re smart, ambitious and… not living up to your potential. Then yes… You’re one of those entrepreneurial people I call Creative Geniuses. 

Lots of experts tell you what you’re doing wrong. They ignore what you know. They tell you, “Do it my way.”

But what if they don’t get you? What works for others won’t work for a Creative Genius. I understand Creative Geniuses. I get you.

Are you ready to realize your potential? In your business?
In your career? And your life?

I design every program, strategy and tool working with Creative Geniuses like you. Then I improve each one by working with more Creative Geniuses. Most programs are offered as online training and, currently, we run each of two programs in a group coaching approach once each year.

You and I work together to design the perfect combination of strategies and tools. The secret toolbox that works – for YOU. 

Work with me and get actionable, momentum-building advice designed for Creative Geniuses. Advice ideal for you. Are you…


Ever wonder what you need to be successful as a Creative Genius? Or maybe you already know things that will make a big difference but don’t know how to implement them. Many Creative Geniuses face the same issues. You can’t change everything at once. There’s a smart, effective way to do it.

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You try to focus, but hours disappear in a blur of distractions. (Most from your own brilliant ideas!) You have great intentions. Then distractions, procrastination and your mood block your path. Other times, you laser-focus, on the wrong thing! At day’s end, you got nothing done. You wish the chaos would stop so you can think. 

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You know what to do. You want to do it? But the longer you work, the more there is to do. You want to tackle the important stuff, but you spend your time putting out fires. You work on someone else’s schedule, not when you’re at your cognitive and creative peak. You do, do, do instead of thinking, strategizing and creating. 

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Procrastination is a huge issue that plagues even the most talented Creative Genius. “Just Do It!” doesn’t work. You can’t conquer procrastination with tips and tricks.

Get to the root of the problem. Discover the causes of procrastination, determine the source of your particular issues and find a solution to go beyond.

Our story

When we met, my husband, Duane, didn’t know he had ADHD. We met on a blind date and followed that with a whirlwind romance.

Courting, Duane was attentive and hyperfocused on me. One day he surprised me. He skipped school and whisked me away for a day exploring the quaint shops and cafés of Old Montreal. It shocked me when, exactly one month after our first date, he asked me to marry him. Though not as surprised as I was when I responded, “Yes!”

But that wasn’t the end of his recklessness and thrill seeking. He was impulsive in every area of his life. They threw him out of the army, and he roamed from job to job – sales, clerk, programmer, teacher, project manager…

Neither of us recognized the signs of ADHD. His quirky sense of humor. His sense of adventure. His ability to hyperfocus on something new and exciting (our relationship!) These, combined with his impulsivity, marked the beginning of a lifelong journey.

Duane and Linda

Don’t Want to Go it Alone?

Try our Group Coaching program, which marries online training, a community and the support of coaches and mentors.

Our 2 flagship programs, Focus to Freedom and Plan to Succeed are also offered as group coaching programs. If you struggle to learn, and more importantly implement on your own, the magic formula to transforming your life may very well be a group coaching program.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

In each of our group coaching programs, we work closely with you and your peers in a supportive environment to implement the essential lessons of these programs. After all, if you’re not doing what you know, if you’re not implementing what you’ve learned, have you really learned it at all?