Join our Creative Genius Community (that’s what we call adults with ADHD – doesn’t that sound better?!) … and discover how to thrive as an entrepreneur and professional with ADHD.

Being a Creative Genius is challenging. Worse, you can’t really talk about it without being judged… so you’re going through it alone.

Community is essential, but social media is a distraction providing very little real help. So we created the Creative Genius Community. Meet people who get you because they’re coping with the same things you are. We get you.
Speak your truth. Without shame. You’ve heard of off-Broadway? We built this community off-Facebook, off-Tik Tok, off-Instagram! You can focus only on what’s important to you.

You’ll connect with your peers. You’ll find opportunities to work together and support each other. And through it all, you’ll learn new strategies to become more productive from world-renowned ADHD Coach, Linda Walker. And she’s always accompanied by her husband (and guinea pig), who also happens to be President of the Attention Deficit Disorder Association, Duane Gordon.


Employees and ADHD in the workplace

Helping employees become more effective improves ROI by increasing productivity and retention. Preventing burnout reduces insurance costs and costs associated with loss of continuity.

ADHD Coaching in the Workplace


ADHD and Creative Geniuses

Improve your clarity, focus and self-control with better time management, goal setting and organization. Discover your life purpose and improve the quality of your life and your work without compromising your creativity.

Business Coaching

Adults with ADHD

ADHD Creative Geniuses

Adults with ADHD (I prefer “Creative Geniuses”) struggle with focus, time management, disorganization, poor money management and more. You require, and I offer, an ADHD-friendly approach.

ADHD Coaching