Love the Game?

We often hear that success in sports starts with “a love of the game.” I don’t think that’s true.

Why? It’s easy to love the game. The game is exciting. Not everything that’s easy is bad (work smarter, not harder… right?), but in sports most people love the game. That’s why they play. But do they love the practice? The practice is boring. The game is a rush. The practice is mind-numbingly repetitive. The game gets all the glory.

I firmly believe that entrepreneurial success is inevitable if you’re doing what you love. However, if you want to know if you’re doing what you love, ask yourself, “Do I love the practice?”If you choose your “game” based on your values, and interest and you work with your strengths, you’ll love the practice AND the game.

To your Focus! Action! Success!


1 thought on “Love the Game?”

  1. I think this is a great way to look at things. I have always had a hard time picking a career path because there are a lot of things that interest. My wife has tried to help me many times by asking me if I will enjoy the work and not just the material that I would need to study in order to get into a career. Being an athlete growing up this analogy really resonates with me.

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