About Us

Our Vision: We see a world where adults with ADHD live up to their true potential. Entrepreneurs, and professionals with ADHD see themselves as Creative Geniuses. 

Our Mission: We offer community, coaching and training to groups of Creative Geniuses. Our proven strategies provoke and ease change to improve focus, planning, and productivity.


We're a Lot Like You

Hi. I’m Coach Linda Walker.

I’m a “serial entrepreneur.” As a child, I had one business after another. My working-class family didn’t encourage my entrepreneurial urges. But then I met Duane, my husband, a true entrepreneurial spirit. And though we didn’t know it yet, also a Creative Genius. But more on that in a minute. Finally, I had someone I could share my passions with!

I studied Business Administration and successful entrepreneurs. I’ve owned several businesses. These include a retail store, business consulting and, of course, coaching. I’ve also worked in sales, project management and as a teacher. I taught business and entrepreneurship classes to many fellow, undiagnosed, Creative Geniuses.

My parents worried I couldn’t stick to one thing. My clients feel they’ve found a kindred spirit!

I Bring Out the Best in People

Through my career, it became very clear. I have deep empathy. But my real strength is seeing and bringing out the best in people. Before I trained as a coach, I already used a “coaching” approach. With my students. With my clients. With my project teams. To build my businesses.

I didn’t know what a Creative Genius was. But I loved to work with these people. People who break the rules and blaze their own trail

I'm Driven to Deliver the Best

I strive to understand how to help Creative Geniuses reach their full potential. I know learning without change is not learning. And it’s wasted effort. I am in constant search for strategies to help you reach your potential.

I’m a trained Professional Certified Coach (P.C.C.) for adults with ADHD. But I’m never satisfied with the status quo. I’ve studied strategies in Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and ADHD distance education. All in a quest to help you make lasting change in your life. It’s my personal mission.

The Creative Genius Package Deal

I recognize Creative Genius everywhere. Adults with ADHD succeed in every field. They also struggle to reach their full potential in every field.

Comfort Zone

I love their passion. Their us-against-world attitude is exciting. They have brilliant ideas… they can’t deliver. They have boundless energy… but an inability to focus. Even with a world-changing vision, they struggle to clear the fog. Big plans and great projects implode. Procrastination, distractibility, a lack of clarity and poor productivity impede their efforts.

Traits or Symptoms?

In 1994, we learned our youngest daughter had Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Duane and I learned everything we could about ADHD. We soon realized Duane also had ADHD. The very qualities that made him a creative… well, genius, were ADHD traits.

We’re no longer surprised. Many very successful Creative Geniuses have ADHD. These include:

  • Howie Mandel, entrepreneur, comedian (Just for Laughs Festival)
  • Richard Branson, entrepreneur (Virgin Industries)
  • Paul Orfalea, entrepreneur (Kinkos)
  • David Neeleman, entrepreneur (Jet Blue Airlines)
  • Donny Deutsch, entrepreneur (The Big Idea)
  • Seth Godin, entrepreneur, marketing guru and author (Squidoo, Yoyodyne)
Different Brain

When You’re a Creative Genius, Your Brain Is Different

These people are creative. They are rebels, even within their industry. Their brains have different wiring. They activate with interest. They can’t focus on the mundane. But they hyperfocus on their passion. The strategies, tools and techniques that are best practices for most. They don’t work for Creative Geniuses.

You Have Different Problems

Creative Geniuses have made their mark. Many excel in their field. Professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and more. But many also struggle with aspects of their careers that don’t play to their strengths. I’ve had clients come to me only after having suffered through one or more burnouts.

You Need Different Solutions

These dynamos have the energy of six ordinary people. But they need unique strategies and techniques to beat overwhelm and burnout. I help them channel that energy to produce concrete results.

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