If you have or suspect you have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder), it’s essential for you to empower yourself with credible information about adult ADHD and the different treatment options available to help you manage it better.  While there is no cure for ADHD, many adults with ADHD learn to overcome any limitations ADHD may present and even use the different way their brain works to their advantage.  Overcoming challenges with ADHD requires a multimodal approach that includes ADHD Coaching.  Learn more about this proven approach to thrive with ADHD.

Once you decide to invest in yourself by hiring an ADHD coach, be a smart “shopper” and look for a coach who has been specifically trained as an ADHD Coach and who has experience working with adults with ADHD.  Then speak with them to see if both you and your coach feel comfortable and believe you have a good fit so you’ll be able to work together.

ADHD Coach Linda Walker is a recognized leader in the field of ADHD coaching.  Her personal experience and varied background combined with advanced ADHD coach training and certification assure you she is excellently placed to better understand the challenges you face each day.

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