Succeed with Self-Directed ADHD Online Training

You’ve chosen to enroll in one of our programs. Congratulations! The decision is the hardest part. If you haven’t yet decided, here’s what our self-directed ADHD online training entails.

What to Expect When You Enroll in Our Self-Directed Program

Once you complete your purchase, the system will take you to the Learning Platform. The first time, you’ll be asked to enter your email and click on “Sign up for free.”

You’ll use the Learning Platform a lot as it contains your library of programs. Your login ‘username’ is your email address, and you’ll create a password for the Learning Platform.

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After you create your password, you’ll access your Program. Start at the beginning. You’ll work through a series of exercises to help you prepare for your journey to success. Don’t skip these activities as they increase your chances of completing the program.

Our automated email system will deliver an email to your inbox. This email contains important information about your program. If you don’t find an email from us in your primary email inbox shortly after you sign up, it may be in your spam or junk box.

If you use Gmail, the email may be in the Promotion tab. Search all your mailbox folders for Drag and drop our email into your Primary Inbox. Whitelist all emails from the domain. That way you won’t miss any emails related to this program.  

If you can’t find the email in any of your folders, contact us here. Make sure to include your name, the email address you signed up with, the name of the program, and when you signed up. Technical glitches can happen. We’ll help you solve them.

I recommend you set up a folder on your computer or tablet for all files related to your program. You can choose to put all files in one folder or create the following sub-folders:

  • Where to find my program
  • Preliminary Activities
  • Modules or Program Documents
  • My Worksheets and Notes

Step-by-Step Approach

To benefit most from our self-directed programs, work through the program one step at a time. This is not a race. It is more important that you put in place changes in your life than it is for you to jump ahead. We don’t deliver all lessons at once. We deliver the lessons as you need them, one week at a time.

Each week, you’ll get an email telling you new lessons are available. You’ll find the new lessons on the Learning Platform. The email will also contain your mission for the week. Review the lesson and tackle your mission. Implement what you learn in your life.  

We uncover a new set of activities each week, because this is meant to be a coaching program. This means you need to implement what you discover into your life. Providing you the whole program at once is overwhelming and does NOT lead to lasting change. We cannot change the system to uncover lessons at a faster pace.

step by step

Where to Get Help

At the bottom of each lesson on the Learning Platform, there is a Comments box. Write your question in the comment box below the lesson you have a question about. Our support team monitor our systems for questions. We’ll get you the help you need.

If you have issues accessing the Learning Platform, (for example, you were not asked to create a password or you are not receiving the program emails, contact us here.

You Belong to Our Creative Genius Community

The day after enrollment we’ll invite you to join the Creative Genius Community. In this private community you’ll meet other Creative Geniuses on a similar path as you. An online community, it’s off-social media. You’re not part of an algorithm. You won’t see irrelevant ads. And only your fellow Creative Geniuses will know you’re here. Everything you learn in the community will be relevant for you.

Our Online Training Programs


Ever wonder what you need to be successful as a Creative Genius? Or maybe you already know things that will make a big difference but don’t know how to implement them. Many Creative Geniuses face the same issues. You can’t change everything at once. There’s a smart, effective way to do it.

Discover the skills you need and how to implement them


You try to focus, but hours disappear in a blur of distractions. (Most from your own brilliant ideas!) You have great intentions. Then distractions, procrastination and your mood block your path. Other times, you laser-focus, on the wrong thing! At day’s end, you got nothing done. You wish the chaos would stop so you can think. 

Discover how Linda can help you …


You know what to do. You want to do it? But the longer you work, the more there is to do. You want to tackle the important stuff, but you spend your time putting out fires. You work on someone else’s schedule, not when you’re at your cognitive and creative peak. You do, do, do instead of thinking, strategizing and creating. 

Discover how Linda can help you …


Procrastination is a huge issue that plagues even the most talented Creative Genius. “Just Do It!” doesn’t work. You can’t conquer procrastination with tips and tricks.

Get to the root of the problem. Discover the causes of procrastination, determine the source of your particular issues and find a solution to go beyond.