Our Approach to Managing ADHD

ADHD and Creative Ideas

When your brain works differently, you have a lot to learn (and a lot to unlearn) about how to get the most from your brain. Duane and I have been working with adults with ADHD for many years. It’s our mission to share what we learned in the “school of hard knocks” with adults with ADHD. By the way, we prefer the term, “Creative Genius.” We want your path to thriving as a Creative Genius as straight and smooth as possible.

Your ADHD Struggle Makes Sustainable Change Difficult

Creative Geniuses can change but often go about it wrong. Learn why your struggle to sustain change to manage your ADHD.

How Creative Geniuses Learn Best

Many Creative Geniuses ‘hyperfocus’ on collecting information about their ADHD. You read books, attend webinars and conferences, and listen to podcasts, all on how to manage ADHD. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, I applaud it. But collecting information alone will not improve your life. Real learning that improves your life requires change. Combine coaching and learning. You’ll change your beliefs, your thoughts, your perspective, and your behavior. And you’ll improve your life.

If you want things to change, you need to change things. Change is a part of life; we can’t stop it.

How Creative Geniuses Learn Best

Learning Without Change Is Not Learning

Creative Geniuses often live in chaos. You forget commitments. You miss deadlines. You lose credibility with clients, employers, friends, and family. Reaching your potential is impossible when you lack focus, can’t plan, and don’t follow through. Your stress is through the roof. You can’t sleep. Your emotions are out of control. You’re anxious. And your relationships are strained. Living in chaos is painful and exhausting.

Everything needs to change. Fast. But when you try to change too much at once, it doesn’t stick. You give up, thinking you can’t adopt routines and habits. You believe you’re broken. But You. Are. Not. Broken.

Real Learning Demands a New Approach

Schools aren’t designed for people with ADHD. Corporate training isn’t any better. Their model is to deliver a lot of information at once. Usually, you’re left to make changes on your own. But changing everything at once is disastrous. Think of New Year’s Resolutions. Studies tell us only 9% of people who make them keep them (Marcel Schwantes, Inc Contributing Editor, in Studies Show 91 Percent of Us Won’t Achieve our New Year’s Resolution). And that includes neurotypicals!

smoking brain
Frustrated with change

Making too many changes at once is like taking a giant step out of your Comfort Zone. Life gets uncomfortable, even painful. The stress it creates drives you back to your Comfort Zone.  You think “I can’t do this”, and you abandon the change.

You’ve had many well-meaning neurotypicals teach you their way to “fix” your problem. But their way doesn’t work for you. These “failures” erode your self-confidence and you build a resistance to change. But there’s a better way…

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