Better Results to Manage ADHD

I’ve always been curious about how we change. So, I searched for credible, verified-effective approaches. Approaches to help you to get motivated, change limiting beliefs, adopt life-changing habits, and make those changes stick. But anything designed to help people reach goals was wrong for Creative Geniuses.

Then I began to dive into Positive Psychology and Neuroscience. Positive Psychology studies how we succeed. Neuroscience studies the structure of the brain and how it develops and functions. I was most interested in how to apply what we know to ADHD and adult distance education. I’ve discovered many strategies to help adults with ADHD learn. These strategies help motivate us to change. And they help us make and maintain change in our lives. That’s why I’ve integrated these strategies in the programs we offer.

You Need Fuel for the Journey

Every program follows best practices for Creative Geniuses to learn and change. Without motivation nothing happens. And motivation is not the same as excitement. Many approaches touted by gurus lead to magical thinking. You’re excited by the possibilities, but you never put what you learn into action.


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We begin every program preparing for change. What do you want to be different? What obstacles might get in the way of change and preparing for them in advance. And what will motivate you to want this change? We help you find your BIG WHY.

It must be BIG, because change isn’t easy. And unless you can stay motivated, it won’t happen. And we help you keep that motivation burning bright, even when things don’t go as planned. Things will go wrong, so we use tools developed from our research to keep us motivated.

Layered Learning

In most courses, you listen to an expert talk AT you for hours. Sometimes for days. But we don’t learn new skills that way.

Our experience shows you succeed when you learn a little and apply it immediately. First attempts don’t give perfect results. Your first attempt at anything doesn’t lead to perfect outcomes. When you learned to walk, you “failed” … a lot. But what we call “failing” is actually learning. Each time you try, you make small adjustments to the way you did it before. Each time you “failed” to stand, your muscles gained strength, helping you in your next attempt. With each attempt, you learned a little more. Learning this way is natural and leads to success.

As you achieve each milestone, you add the next layer. Tackle the next lesson, apply what you learn, adjust and so on.

Be Part of the Creative Genius Community

The power of community is especially strong for Creative Geniuses. We’re very motivated by our peers. Neuroscience studies tell us human are wired to be social. But being a Creative Genius is very lonely. Connecting with a group learning the same material improves motivation. You’ll feel heard and understood, likely for the first time.

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