You Know You Have Adult ADHD when…

  • You tend to be easily dist…oh look at the pretty bird
  • You’re so impatient, even “Just Do It” takes too long
  • When asked to think outside the box, you ask “What Box?”
  • You immediately know the solution when everyone else is still struggling with the problem
  • You’re the Olympic champion in jumping to conclusion
  • When asked to sit quietly, you provide your own rhythm section (tapping fingers, bouncing legs)
  • Driving isn’t about getting from A to B, it’s about the excitement
  • You haven’t grown up yet (no matter what your age) and you doubt you ever will
  • You totally “GET” the Crocodile Hunter, in fact, he was your idol
  • You easily get off topic – I need to paint the ceiling beige
  • You spend way too much time looking for things you know you had just a minute ago
  • Your To-Do list has become a To-Do Book!
  • The more extreme the emergency, the calmer you are
  • If it wasn’t for the last minute, you’d never get anything done
  • If you had a nickel for every brilliant idea you got, you’d be able to pay someone to follow through on at least one

But seriously…

I work with entrepreneurs, artists, writers, ADHD adults and other creative geniuses. Wildly creative, risk tolerant, with lots of perserverance, high octane, thrill seekers, they still struggle with lack of focus, difficulty with concentration, disorganization, impulsivity, staying productive, managing several projects at once, and cluing up the details to each. While you might laugh about your quirky personality, the impact these issues have on your life is no laughing matter.

If this describes you…

Labels don’t matter; however, strategies that work for diagnosed ADHD adults will work for you if you struggle with these issues. If you’d like to know more, request your copy of Productivity Myths Busted! and find out what are some of the strategies you can use.

Please feel free to add your own quirks about Adult ADHD in the comments below.

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