3 Creative Genius Strategies for Surviving the Holiday Hustle and Bustle

by Linda Walker, PCC, B.Adm.

The holidays can be a challenging time of year for creative geniuses. There’s so much to do with decorating, shopping, cleaning, cooking, partying and the list goes on. You may push yourself to exhaustion.

This is often when you begin to feel overwhelmed and your mood starts suffering. And when that happens…!

This holiday season do yourself and everyone around you a favor. Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed. How do you do that? Here are 3 steps to a better Christmas.


This season is about being together. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s okay to let go of some of the “fluff” if it takes you over the edge. Some creative geniuses I know don’t put up a Christmas tree. We don’t decorate the outdoors anymore. If some recipes are long and tedious for you, don’t do them unless these things provide more joy than effort.

Don’t overspend

Studies prove experiences provide the most joy, not things. When we buy gifts to “wow” our loved ones, we forget that what they want is to spend time with us. We run out of time to enjoy the people we love.

When you spend your holidays sweating the credit card bills, they aren’t much fun. What if you did something different this year? Try playing board games, building Lego cities or chill-axing with your loved ones.

Take care of your needs

Many of my clients describe feeling overwhelmed during the holidays. This can be especially true when the whole family is together. Overwhelm can lead to especially bad consequences during your Recharge Zone. Allow yourself to disconnect for 20 minutes when you feel overwhelmed. Excuse yourself and explain you need a bit of air or a short nap. You’ll come back ready to reengage. Let your loved ones know you need a break.

Whatever you do, take time to enjoy this festive season to be with your family and friends.

1 thought on “3 Creative Genius Strategies for Surviving the Holiday Hustle and Bustle”

  1. Thanks Linda, I actually started doing the simplifying 10 years ago.
    The year my out-of-state in-laws raved about the things we sent from Wolfermans as much as they had previously about my homemade two weekends of work baked goods. I love internet shopping.
    Our traditions are pretty low key and we like them that way
    The 12 days of Christmas is one of my best, de-stressing ideas. I am fine with gifts, greeting cards, gatherings, ect to other than direct family – arriving and happening anywhere within the 12 days of Christmas – Dec 25 thru Jan 5. It extends the holidays, gives you time to see friends after they are through with their busy time and makes the beginning of the new year fun. Family gifts are all done, starting to write cards for others tonight.

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