Effects of Positive Attitude on ADHD


adhd adult,positive attitudeAs an ADHD Coach, I know the powerful effect of positive attitude on ADHD clients. When my clients have a more positive attitude and live in more positive environments they tend to achieve more at a much faster rate than my clients who tend to ruminate or who are surrounded by very negative people. A session I attented at the International Coach Federation conference that united 1400 coaches from 26 countries around the world to learn, network, and be inspired.
Your thoughts affect others

However, Mr. Worth demonstrated that people around us have positive or negative effects on our energy, when he whispered to a woman on stage to think hateful and negative throughts about another woman on the other end of the stage.

When the first subject had negative thougths about the second woman, not only did her magnetic field disappear, but so did that of the object of the negative thougths.

On the other hand, when the first subject had thoughts that were highly positive about the other person, both she and the object of her thoughts saw their magnetic fields grow beyond their original neutral fields.

Anyone who know me, knows that I am a very down-to-earth person who is not easily convinced by all things esoterical. However, what I witnessed was quite convincing. It got me thinking about the repercussions of our thoughts, and particularly the effects of a positive attitude on ADHD clients, who often live very negative experiences.

The implications of positive attitude on ADHD

  1. When you choose to see the positive things in life, you emit a larger magnetic field, which tends to attract more people;
  2. Conversely, when you choose to spend your energy on negative thougths, reliving negative situations, not only does your energy drop, so does your attractiveness;
  3. Who you choose in your circle of friends and those closest to you have an impact on your own energy levels, unless you become adept at building a shield to protect yourself against negative thoughts.

What can you do to attract positive things in your life

Of course, there are things you can do to improve your energy and your level of attractiveness:

  1. Use a gratitude journal – spend time each day reflecting on and writing down at least 3 things you are grateful for today.
  2. Choose to feed your optimism by:
    • Focusing on what pleases you immensely;
    • Focusing on solutions rather and problems;
    • Distributing happiness
    • Focusing on growth
    • Taking time to celebrate
  3. Kill your negative thoughts by
    • Being aware of and controlling your internal dialogue
    • Neutralizing negative moments

Of course, the effect of the size of our magnetic fields is not all together clear; however, it makes sense that having a greater magnetic field attracts more positive in our lives.

 We emit a magnetic field

One session I found very revealing helped explain the effect of positive attitude on our own energy levels. Christian Worth, a coach from France, demonstrated with dowsing rods how each of us emits an energy field. This makes sense as our bodies use electricity fueled by chemical reactions in our cells to live, more, think. And where there is electricity, there is a magnetic field created.The magnetic field we emit various at around 3 to 5 feet in radius when we are in a “neutral thougth pattern”, that is neither thinking positively nor negatively.

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