5 Reasons to Unleash Your Creative Genius – Part 2

ADHDers aspire to more than they often achieve. Unleash your creative genius.Earlier this week I published Part 1 of the 5 reasons to unleash your Creative Geniuses. ADHDers and other Creative Geniuses spend so much time and energy at work, they have little left for anything but family, and even that’s on back order. We discussed the importance of working with your strengths and passion as a way of crafting an amazing life. Here are other compelling reasons why you must unleash your creative genius.

3) You’ll reach your full potential
“Be all you can be” is more than just a U.S. Army recruiting slogan. People have different strengths and talents. The truly successful discover their special ability and pursue that one thing with unerring diligence until they are the best at it that they can possibly be. Your potential for greatness lies not in struggling to improve your areas of weakness, but is found in developing your strengths, talents and passions.

Working to overcome your weaknesses saps your energy. Unleashing your Creative Genius energizes you, allowing you to make huge strides in your areas of strengths. The thrill of pushing the envelope of your own abilities and always striving to reach just a little higher is far more enjoyable than the nagging disappointment you feel when you suspect you’re capable of more.

4) The world needs your talents and strengths
The world is in serious trouble and we need your help. Right now, thousands of gallons of oil are spewing into the Gulf of Mexico daily, global warming is a dangerous reality, millions of people are without food, water or medical services and war rages in many areas of the world.

I’m not implying that you put on your mask and cape and save the world, but we need the strengths and talents of every Creative Genius to help find solutions to problems.

5) Someone inspired you – pay it forward and inspire others
It’s rare to turn on the TV or open the newspaper to discover good news. The media focuses on bad news in the form of disasters, crime and corruption. If you’ve been inspired to unleash your Creative Genius, please “pay it forward” and provide the inspiration for another Creative Genius who’s struggling to fit in rather than standing tall and standing out.

And because your deserve more, here’s a bonus reason you must unleash your Creative Genius:

6) The world needs more passion!
The world needs your passion. Nothing is more contagious than a smile on the face of someone passionately pursuing a dream they believe in. It seems each year brings the threat of some new pandemic, but imagine what would happen if this caught on instead!

So what are you waiting for? Unleash your Creative Genius!

You may be ready and willing to unleash your Creative Genius but lack the tools to manage the mental and physical energy required to get there. That’s why I created The 10 ADHD Productivity Myths, Busted! report, a free report with implementation email series to help you discover how to achieve this.

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4 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Unleash Your Creative Genius – Part 2”

  1. Hi Munir, I agree. Reaching your full potential is what you were meant to do. Spending more time and energy on improving in your areas of strengths not only allows you to master your strengths and serve the world but it is where you’ll have the most fun in your life.

    Thanks for taking the time to post

  2. I really feel CONNECTED and extremely related to EVERY word you say…
    I have another question for you Linda, “continuing my last post..”

    – I’ve recently read a book about willpower; that says that willpower it’s like stamina. If you concentrate on serving everyone’s expectations, this includes school, family, friends.. you’re willpower to focus in yourself and achieve success will be insufficient and your ability to concentrate and HYPERFOCUS and “get in the zone” will be inferior. In conclusion, I say that priorities in life is the best answer to every person with ADD.. and the importance of giving oneself MUCH MORE importance, and giving everyone’s elses opinions much less.. it’s primordial.
    I recomend you to read a book that inspired me “related to ADD”.. It has sections of unimportant words and just words to fill the pages. But it contains some information that’s really inspiring and of GREAT use. This book is called “Davinci Method”, I don’t know the name of the author, but if you look it up in google I’m sure you will find it.
    I actually have no question, or better.. I don’t know what to ask, but I’m FULL of questions, doubt and confusion..
    Well, I’m a really inspired, curious and entrepreneurial type guy and I would really want some tips about how to overcome the strong influences that my friends, family and school is afecting me.

    contact me 😉
    p.s. I’m positive that I’ll submit to your program…

    1. Thanks Rashid,

      I’m glad this article connected with you. What you say is very true: giving yourself more importance and not worrying so much about other people’s opinion,- I would add unless what you do hurts them.

      Some of the most important steps you can take when you have ADHD are to learn what you can about it. Then see yourself as not an ADDer but as a Creative Genius with ADD.

      I hope we will get to work together in my program and look forward to more thought provoking comments.

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