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From the desk of: Coach Linda Walker

Want to get more done? Or do you just wish that doing what you already do didn’t rob you of every bit of your time and energy (’cause you’re sick of running like a hamster on a wheel)?

With lessons delivered right to your inbox, Top 10 Productivity Myths Busted! reveals how the words of wisdom we accept as truth are completely wrong for adults with ADHD. If you can’t get as much done as you wish or as much as you think you should, it’s only because you’ve been going at it all wrong!.

You’re one FREE click away from improving your personal productivity beyond anything you ever imagined!

Top 10 Productivity Myths… Busted! reveals counter-intuitive secrets to:

  • Slash through your To-Do list and have energy left over
  • Create the ideal conditions for peak performance on any task
  • Prioritize and delegate, but never lose control
  • Tap into maximum and consistent performance, day after day
  • Do the right thing at the right time, every time
  • Transform your business or career with laser-focused effective action




No, this report isn’t for everyone. But if you’re a Creative Genius, a non-conformist who intuitively whips up out-of-the-box solutions, Top 10 Productivity Myths… Busted! cracks the code to:

  • turn your brilliant ideas into money in your pocket and spare time in your day,
  • get organized and stay organized, and
  • finish every project.


Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an artist or a creative professional, your Creative Genius brain works differently. Some Creative Geniuses even fit the criteria for ADHD; through my own training to work with ADHD adults I discovered little known but wickedly effective productivity-boosting strategies for Creative Geniuses… techniques that deliver the goods when traditional strategies fail miserably!

The Creative Genius To-Do list-busting techniques I share in this 10-part, product-quality course will dramatically improve your life. Sign up for FAS Forward and get immediate access to Top 10 Productivity Myths… Busted! (and then get your hands on even more strategies to eliminate productivity problems that have been driving you nuts for years) designed just for Creative Geniuses.

“It was great… You really helped me design a system that works for me and allows me to see that this stuff is manageable. No doom’s day approach!!! Thanks!”

~ Joe Pecile

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