You’re an ADHD Adult: Learn to Dance in the Rain

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“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain” (author unknown)

I heard this quote on a show about autism and realized how powerful it was. So many people facing adversity have unrealized dreams (writing a book, starting a business, getting healthy, etc…. what’s your dream?) They’re waiting for things to be perfect before they start on THE big project.

As an ADHD adult, you know things will never be perfect. Heck, if you’re human, things will never be perfect. You’ll wait your little heart out if you’re looking for perfection. It’s not going to happen, and in the meantime, you’re missing an opportunity because you’re putting the cart before the horse.

That “big project” you’re planning (after the storm has passed of course) may be just the motivator you need to improve your life. That big project or exciting goal will often give you enough energy to resolve the very issues that are holding you back.

Are you waiting until you get organized, learn to manage your time, improve your finances or overcome your tendency to procrastinate? You’ll wait a long time. But if you go ahead and start, if you get excited about what you’re doing, you’ll have the fuel you need to resolve those issues and more.

Don’t wait. Dig out your umbrella, put on your rain coat and set out on your adventure. You may be surprised to find that while it is stormy where you are, the storm will pass, and it’ll pass faster if you’re moving forward.

Once you start your project, you’ll be far more motivated to get your “s**t together” and learn to better manage your money, your time, your relationships, yourself… The road won’t always be smooth, and you may stumble from time to time, but when you set your sights on an exciting objective, you’ll have the energy to get back up and get over, or through, any obstacle.

Are you waiting for the storm to pass? Come dancing!

3 thoughts on “You’re an ADHD Adult: Learn to Dance in the Rain”

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  2. It is so true about waiting for perfection, or to get your act together.

    I realized recently that the busier I was with my contract work, the more productive my home time was (getting organized, writing up estimates, paperwork, and keeping, or trying to get the house in order).

    My fear was, how can I work full time and keep the house organized and stay on top of things when I can’t even get it together with a less loaded schedule. Well I realized there was much less time for procrastination and procrastination gnaws away at my energy. Also I found that I have more energy to get things done more quickly.

    There was something I read once “neurosis is doing things the same way over and over and expecting a different result” so I’m trying to do things differently. At 44 I’ve taken on the taste for sports. Badminton makes me feel old when I’m stiff the next day, but that doesn’t get me down because I would rather feel it at 44 and still be able to do something about it.


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