The Best Time to Have Adult ADHD

As an adult diagnosed with ADHD, one of your first reactions is likely regret at not knowing earlier. I often hear my clients say, “Things could have been so different for me if only I had known sooner that I had ADHD.”

The Best Time to Change

An ancient proverb tells us, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the second best time to plant a tree is today.”

This is true of trees, and of improving your life. Yes, if you had changed your life 20 years ago, you’d be reaping the benefits today. However, it’s never too late to change (or to plant a tree!). Start now to improve your life and you will reap the benefits of change in the future, and chances are, it’ll take a lot less than 20 years. On the other hand, throwing your hands up and deciding you are too old to change guarantees you’ll never benefit from your new found knowledge.

The Best Conditions for Change

Do you think you can’t really change your life until you’ve organized your home, or you get a better job or you get the kids out of the house? Or you may feel like the “old dog” and think it’s too late to change the course of your life or learn any “new tricks.” But what if you’re wrong?

What if you could change something today that would change your life for the better? What if you could make a difference right away? Your life would be better… for the rest of your life!

What if, instead of waiting until you had the “right” education, you got a job working toward your new career right away? Would the experience put you that much further ahead, both while you’re studying, and when you graduate? What if you could have a better life even if your house doesn’t look like a Better Homes & Gardens layout? What if you didn’t wait until you can take a year off to write your novel, but you began now to create your outline, do your research or even write, a bit at a time?

Instead of waiting until conditions are perfect to get into the life you want, could you start doing something today that moves you a little closer to it? More importantly, what regrets will you have in 20 years if you don’t plant your tree, or change your life, today?

If you think things could have been different if you’d known about your ADHD earlier, prove it! Now you know, so do something. Make that change, plant that tree, and avoid the bigger sting of, “I knew I had adult ADHD and I did nothing about it…”

2 thoughts on “The Best Time to Have Adult ADHD”

  1. Thanks Linda…I NEEDED THAT. I knew there was something(s) amiss as I was growing up. Everyone was moving ahead. I started to move, but lost my REAL job due to downgrading. With other personal fights thereafterwards, something hit me that was right in front of me.
    So I’m now seeing a therapist, who may need there own when I’m done with her…….
    I’m beginning to think at a moment-to-moment pace, rather thatn looking over my shoulder. Wondering what people are thinking as I pass by.
    More needs to be accomplished, but I’m certain this was a reason behind the reasons I was behind. The humor has gotten me thru, too.
    I can go on and on….As you see I can babble…
    But thanks for your insights. I’m 53 and not happy about this either. But I’m starting to accept more to DO more.

    Ciao for now,

    1. Hey Bob,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share about yourself. I’m glad that the message in this article gave you food for thought. I hope you’ll come and visit again.

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