4 thoughts on “ADHD Time Management Woes Part 1: The To-Do Book”

  1. Hi Linda, i loved the video – it explained why my lists grow longer each and every day ! The Book indeed.
    Looking forward to your tips on managing time and the ‘to do’ lists.
    Thank you so much 🙂

  2. Dearest Linda!!!

    I am SSSOOOO very excited to see that you are on the actual roster for this upcoming Orlando ADDA Conference!!

    I have already registered, and have my room booked, and also plan to make this a bit of a “Helen” time! I have invited my son to join me this time…he has his home and family in Balm Beach (on the south shores of Georgian Bay) across the bay from Collingwood, ON. With his three little girlies, and a wife who works those awful 12 hour shifts as a nurse….he is very involved in being Mr. Mom…..frequently!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed anyway!!

    I can’t wait to see you again! I have a very humble hope that you are somehow to bring my face to your mind, and maybe recall our visit last year just as we were all gathering to enjoy the Talent Show.

    I DO hope you are well, and that things smoothly flow in yours and your family’s lives, and again…I am so excited to be seeing you again!!

    Kindest regards and memories Linda!!!


    Helen M.

  3. Hi Linda: Thanks for the tip on having a to-do list for each project. Here’s my problem with that. I am afraid that if I don’t have everything I need to do on one list, I’ll forget about each project I have to or want to do! In other words, I’ll miss something I need to do TODAY because it’s not on the page I’m looking at right now. I hate having different to-do lists in different places, even if the different places/lists are in the same notebook! How do I solve this problem? Thanks for your answer.

    1. Hi Lynette,
      Thanks for writing. I am not suggesting that you keep your to-do’s on separate lists all the time. Let me explain: keep project to-dos on project lists but once a week or more often, you determine which to-dos from each of your projects you want to accomplish this week. You then transfer ONLY each project’s to-dos that can be reasonable done during the week onto your one To-Do list. Keep watching, as I’ll be giving more tips on how you can manage this.

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