3-Part Article on the Most Effective Ways to Increase Productivity at Work – part 1

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Part 1: Four Effective Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

As an entrepreneur, or self-employed professional, you face constant demands. You need to make the most of your time. But if you want to get more done, it’s easier to work smarter than to work harder.

If that sounds familiar, I have good news. You can be far more productive at work than you are right now. But you’re managing your time and your life like a production line.

You “punch in” on someone else’s schedule, instead of working when you’re at your cognitive and creative peak. You react to whatever anyone throws at you instead of planning your day and executing that plan. And you do, do, do instead of thinking, strategizing and creating.

But when it’s your business, new rules apply. If you want to be a more productive entrepreneur, I’ll be sharing some simple but effective strategies over the next three sessions.

Today, I’ll share the first four of a dozen great ways to increase productivity at work.

Strategy #1: Love What You Do

When you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work. When you are passionate about what you do it is easier to stay focused. Passion combined with the right conditions will almost always let you hyperfocus. This is what top athletes call being “in the zone.” It makes high productivity automatic. If you hate what you are doing, it’s impossible to achieve peak productivity.

Strategy #2: Delegate Your Weaknesses

If you wonder, what do I do with all the tasks I hate doing, this second strategy that says: Delegate your weaknesses, will answer that question.

No entrepreneur can be good at everything. You have weaknesses. You also have tasks you hate. I call those my “yuck bucket” tasks. Identify the tasks that need you to work with your weaknesses.

Hint: They’re your “yuck bucket” tasks too! Delegate those to team members better suited to handle them. Remember, the best ways to improve your productivity at work is to do what you love. Focus on tasks where you excel and delegate the rest. This will transform your business – and your life.

Strategy #3: Give Up On Perfection.  

As an entrepreneur, you will work hard and put in long hours but burning yourself out doesn’t help anyone. Entrepreneurs have a personal stake in the business. I get it. It’s your reputation on the line.

But nothing is perfect.

Work smart. Decide how much of your precious time your creation is worth. Make it as good as you can in that time and move on.

Done is better than perfect. If necessary, you can come back to improve it later.

Strategy #4: Is to Take Exercise or Other Energy Breaks

The final strategy in today’s post is to Take exercise breaks.

Stop managing time. People learn to manage time but for an entrepreneur, or self-employed professional, hours aren’t important. Your energy is what’s important.

Especially your mental energy, since your creativity and cognitive abilities depend on it. When your energy flags, take a walk. Do some deep breathing. Stretch. A few minutes will release some tension help you focus again.

What you do is up to you. But several times each day, take a break to recharge and come back stronger. Trying to get more done by pushing through when you feel tired won’t impress anyone. Exercise gets your heart pumping, boosts your energy and helps you focus. You know when you feel tired. Avoid that sugary snack and take a walk or even go to the gym.

The best way, the only way, to benefit from these strategies is to use them. Learning doesn’t count until you put it into practice. I split this into several sessions to give you time to put the lessons into practice in your business. It’s the only way you’ll increase productivity at work.

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