A Creative Genius Entrepreneur Asks THE Tough Question

Years ago, my business went through a rough patch. It’s normal for clients to stop coaching as they achieve their coaching goals. But I wasn’t getting new clients either. I work with entrepreneurs and professionals. The economic crash cost me many clients. The economy was so bad they had to divert limited funds to save their businesses and homes. Around that time, I was having my Web site updated. The programmer made a mistake and destroyed my well-referenced Web site. My Web site had always placed first in search results for my type of ADHD coaching.

But because she removed my site before she was ready to replace it, my Web site “disappeared.” It was as if my Web site had never existed when you googled me.  New clients couldn’t find my site. Soon I couldn’t pay my minimal operating costs or my salary! I had no hope of replacing lost clients through my Web site. I had to drum up business through local contacts. But these contacts scared me.

My best sources were physicians, psychologists and successful business owners. Who was I to ask for their referrals?

Paralyzed by Fear

That fear paralyzed me for months. I’d schedule time to call. Then I’d clean my desk. I’d check emails. I’d check my Web site stats. I was doing busywork. But I’m a coach. I help my creative genius professional and entrepreneur clients overcome procrastination. But here I was procrastinating big time. Does this ever happen to you? What’s holding you back?

Today, I don’t even remember what snapped me out of it. Was it an article I read? Was it a course I took? Was it someone I met? Who cares?

The light came on! I discovered fear was at the root of my procrastination. What’s more, that the fear was completely unfounded. Why was I afraid?

I’d lost confidence. I felt like I wasn’t enough to talk to these people. I thought they’d laugh at me.

It would humiliate me! And that would leave me devastated.

Past Memories Haunt You

I remember the bullying I endured as a teenager. I still remember how bad I felt. Back then, I didn’t think I’d survive the humiliation.

And I didn’t think I’d survive the humiliation again.   We forget we’re grown up now. As an adult, what horrific thing would happen if they laughed at me?

I knew it would hurt. But I realized I wasn’t a child anymore. I would bounce back.    In fact, I did bounce back when I was young, and I’d bounce back faster now.  

Getting Past the Fear

And in that moment, I asked THE question that helped me overcome this paralyzing fear.

Who Did I Want To Be?

Was I satisfied as a scaredy-cat? Was I afraid of a little humiliation?

Or was I a powerful, courageous, businesswoman?

Was I someone who did what it takes no matter what the challenge? I chose the latter.

The next time I sat down to call one of these experts, I caught myself about to clean my desk. I stopped. Then I asked that powerful question: Who do I want to be right now?

My answer convinced me to pick up that phone and make that first call.

Of course, I had no reason to be afraid. Every one of these people I feared were happy to hear from me. And were happy to send me clients! After all, they were professionals. I wasn’t still dealing with a bunch of mean-spirited teenage girls!

There is a small downside. My desk is a mess! But I’ll deal with that at another time.

If fear is at the root of your procrastination, ask yourself “who do I want to be?”

Then, “what are you most committed to, being that person or being safe?

To succeed as an entrepreneur, you must get past your fears and remember who you want to become.

Remember how resilient you are. A Creative Genius entrepreneur shows courage and determination. Even in the face of fear and uncertainty. When you’re able to go beyond this fear, you will become a superhero.

If you have what it takes to bounce back, you can succeed in anything. The only way a Creative Genius entrepreneur loses is if you give up.

Who do you want to be? Do you want to be a fearless entrepreneur? Get your copy of the Top Three Productivity Hacks For Creative Genius Entrepreneurs.

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