4 thoughts on “Declare Your Own Independence”

  1. I wish to declare my personal Independence Day for my next birthday in December. I will need to have completed house most of my decluttering which I have started years ago but still need to clear up many areas (items of all kinds in : all closets, chambres à débarras, filing cabinet, cupboards, under bed, putting up curtains in most rooms and having meal planning well established and followed, completing cabinet to replace television shelves, etc.). I would then basically starting in January need principally to concentrate on repairing clothes or giving it away and throwing some, as well as keeping discarding «au fur et à mesure» in the future; keeping up the good habits gained from now until December + maintaining good my involvement in social activities and family and friends relationships and hoping to allow more time and energy to make new valuable meaningful relationships.

    It may seem a lot but being now retired and doing only volunteer work, I have been progressing along those engagements but need encouragement from time to time and a lot more at times to fight overwhelm…

    1. Hi Monique, It sounds doable. One thing that you want to do, is create a routine to work on a specific area, ideally on a daily basis and not for too long a period at a time, say 30 or 45 minutes at a time. You want to create an experience that feels good, rather than “heavy” and difficult. Heavy and difficult will not motivate you the next time you have to do it. Build your habit muscle with one small step at a time to make it feel easier. Plus, you want to find or create a community of people who will support you or an accountability partner.

      The Your Path Forward program is great for that. It’s also available in French as Petits pas, Grands résultats.

      So looking forward to hearing how you’re progressing.

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