You’re probably thinking “I’m eager to do it but in the past, nothing has worked for me”, or “I’ve adopted some change in the past but it never stuck”. “How do I know if coaching will work for me when nothing else has?”

First, I completely understand how you feel. When we decided to invest in coaching for Duane, we were like you. Duane had tried several time management systems that he keenly adopted because they were novel to him but quickly fell back to chaos. The problem, we later realized, was that the approaches he learned were not specifically for people with ADHD. ALL our programs and services are ADHD friendly. Created for ADHDers and tested on ADHDers (my husband).

Second, you may have tried to change too much at once and had no support to sustain it. That’s why I ask that you give yourself time to integrate, with the help your coach, the new strategies you’re learning before moving too quickly to the next step.