So maybe you’ve decided that you are willing and able to invest the time, energy and money in personal ADHD Coaching.

You have a special business or personal project you want help implementing or you’re aiming for a promotion and need to clean up your act, you might have realized that you are not in the right career and want to determine your next move or you’re near burnout and need a major overhaul of your productivity and systems to reduce the stress.

I’ve helped clients choose their next career or business move, start, build and grow their business, start a project they’ve put aside such as writing a book, adopting a healthy lifestyle, organizing their lives, overcome or avoid burnout, help new managers and executives integrate their new jobs, individuals make a major overhaul in their productivity and more. And I can help you in what you’re trying to achieve.

Here’s how coaching works:

Once we decide to work together, we set up a first session to clarify your goals for our coaching relationship. You’ll have a few documents to complete to help me get to know you better. At the end of the first session, we’ll have a better idea of what we’re aiming for and you usually leave with a first mission to take you in that direction. You’ll implement that first mission between sessions.

After our initial session, most sessions look like this:

  • We review how you’ve done with your last mission: we’ll celebrate what went well, and I’ll coach you if some adjustments are required. Between now and the next session, you may have to implement this mission with the new adjustments we’ve made.
  • You decide what results you want to achieve in the current session.
  • Using questioning and other coaching tools, we clarify what success would look like if you got the results you wanted, determine your level of motivation in achieving the results AND applying the solution, identify and overcome the obstacles in your way – there are usually obstacles; otherwise, you would have achieve the results on your own – I’ll help you see your blind spots, such as limiting beliefs you may have, and so on.
  • We’ll devise together a plan to achieve the results you are seeking, ensuring we consider the plan through the ADHD lens.

I also use certain coaching tools that help you build awareness about how you work and that provide information and instructions on how to complete certain missions. Sessions are set regularly. We coach 2 or 3 times a month for just a little under an hour. I require that you be willing to invest in coaching with me for at least 8 or 9 sessions – over 3 to 4 months to ensure that changes you implement in your life stick.

This doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait that long to start seeing results. It’s just that the best way to change and sustain change is through gradual moves out of your comfort zone until the changes you’ve began to adopt become your new comfort zone. So you’ll see results quickly but I want to ensure that you continue to see the results long after we’ve stopped working together.

When you coach with me, you have access to support from me between sessions to help you implement your plan of action. Support can include email check-ins, email responses or short laser coaching session in between your regular session. Fees are charged at the beginning of each month in advance of that month’s sessions.

Our coaching sessions are usually conducted on the phone or on Skype but it is possible to meet me at my office in Saint-Laurent, Montreal. But I have found that everyone who has tried both, find phone coaching is the most effective and efficient approach as it requires lower invest in time on your part by eliminating the need for transit.

Implementing your plan of action may take 2 to 5 hours a week because when you implement new ways of doing things, you usually have a learning curve to move up, but the more you implement these strategies, you’ll find that they actually save you more time. Individual coaching requires that you make a commitment to change and that you invest in yourself. I hope you’ll consider yourself important enough to invest in.