There are three legs to the Creative Genius’s journey to success as an entrepreneur. Each leg of the journey has milestones. And you’ll traverse peaks, valleys and detours.  But if you master these three skills, you will succeed: 

  • You must focus. When you start, you are single-minded. You can’t imagine a time when your business won’t consume you. But as you put in the hours, the days, weeks… you struggle to focus.  
  • You must plan. You are visionary. You spot opportunities others miss. Your challenge is creating a plan to get from where you are now to what you see in your mind’s eye.   
  • You must streamline. To build a business that can scale and leverage your energy you must do two things. You must systematize the activities in your business. And you must build a team.  

While the journey may seem long, your dream will give you the courage to continue. And the biggest reward is not the success of your business. It’s who you become by undertaking the journey.  

This Live Webinar will take place on Tuesday, February 4, 2020 at 8 pm EST /7 pm CST/5 pm PST. Find webinar time in your timezone here.

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  1. When is the session?

  2. Will it be recorded? I have a conflict

    • Yes. I had to re-record it because of technology issues, so it will be available if you signed up for it.

  3. Oh my gosh…in typical fashion, I missed this webinar that i signed up for last night. I’m really upset and mad at myself for missing it as i was really looking forward to it. I meant to set myself a reminder and because i didn’t and some other things came up during the day/evening…i forgot! Said like someone who has ADD. Will there be a repeat or was it recorded and can be watch at another time.

    • Hi Fern,
      Yes, it was recorded but we had some challenges. I did rerecord it and it will be made available to anyone who signed up for it in the next few days.

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