ADHD Career ConfidenceAs an ADHD Coach, I am often asked, “What’s the best career for someone with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD)?”  Others considering starting their own business ask, “What type of business works best for ADHDers?”  The answer in both cases is: “You will be successful if you pursue something you are interested in or passionate about in a way that allows you to use your strengths and that minimizes the use of your weaknesses.”

How do you find the career or business that is right for you when you’re not quite sure what strengths you have or what you’re passionate about?  And if you do know what your passions and your strengths are, how do you turn them into a career or a business?

When I coach clients with ADHD undergoing or planning career and life transitions, we begin by determining who you are.  No, I don’t ask to see your ID.  We will work together to uncover your strengths, your values, your needs and your passions.  We’ll investigate what really illuminates and energizes you, even looking back to evidence of who you were early in your life.  We’ll also identify those things you dislike doing and your particular ADHD challenges.

Once we’ve uncovered all that, we use that information to conduct a more details analysis of what careers or what types of businesses would allow you to “live out loud,” always keeping in mind what interests you most and what challenges you most.  During the investigation, you will get a real feel for what these careers and businesses are like and whether they fit you well.

If your ADHD is not yet under control, we may need to work on your challenges with workplace productivity, particularly if you’ve lost jobs in the past for ADHD-related issues before taking on this investigation.  Running away is never a good solution to your problems, so if you’re thinking a new business or career will eliminate your problems with ADHD, we’ll look at solving those problems before you end up disappointed in your new career.  If you are at a crossroads, thinking you may want to transition into a different life and you are ready, willing and able to explore your choice of career or business, request a coaching interview by completing the Request for Interview form.