We are sometimes mandated by insurance companies, employee assistance programs or employers.  Whether you’ve been referred by one of these, or you’re seeking help on your own, Focus Action Success, Inc. offers personalized services to help workers with ADHD, or workers who struggle because of ADHD-like symptoms to prevent a professional burnout (or the recurrence) or to return to work following a burnout.

If you have ADHD, you are as much as five times as likely to experience workplace burnout.  If you don’t have the tools or strategies essential for you to maximize your productivity, your professional life is likely to be a constant uphill battle against feelings of overwhelm and helplessness.  If you’re on leave for a professional burnout, it’s essential to prepare well in advance for your return to work by developing specific strategies, and to learn how to develop tools and systems so you are prepared to cope with the demands of your job upon your return, and to reduce your chances of recurring burnouts.

Our return-to-work and re-adaptation services offer:

  • Improved understanding of the behaviors that lead to professional burnout and strategies to help you avoid them.
  • Better personal and professional organization to ensure a smooth return to work and to prevent recurrence and the costs related to sick leave and limitations to work performance.
  • Optimized productivity by improving your focus, improving your ability to manage your daily tasks and projects and by improving your ability to plan and to organize your environment.
  • If necessary, a re-evaluation of your career choice with an eye toward possible relocation within your firm.

Our services can also include:

  • An objective evaluation of your readiness to return to work.
  • Improving your “life hygiene”:  improving your sleep habits and helping you engage in physical activities that can improve your concentration and memory and reduce your stress.
  • Implementing structures and systems that will improve your personal and professional organization, which will also reduce your stress.
  • Helping to create a weekly plan:  Creating the right structures, systems and habits can maximize your productivity.
  • Meeting with your manager or your assistant to help them understand your strengths and how they can best support you to improve your performance, making them part of the team committed to the positive outcome of your coaching.
  • A needs analysis and recommendations for effective, low-cost accommodations to help you perform better.

Investment:  $475 to 625 per month