Creative Geniuses (my name for professionals with ADHD) go further and succeed faster working with a coach.  If your sights are set on bigger and better things, you’ll benefit from training, but you’ll get better results sooner when you work with a coach to help you adapt and apply new strategies and skills to your unique situation?

With specialized training in adult ADHD, I work with clients like you to improve your personal and work life.  In personal coaching, we typically work on areas such as:

  • improving your personal productivity, including time management, energy management, project management
  • improving the running of your household including money management,
  • organizing for healthy living, including food shopping and preparation, exercise and sleep,
  • improving your relationships with your spouse and/or your children,
  • other personal projects, such as buying or selling a home or setting up a home office.

I also coach ADHD clients in their career or business.  I specialize in helping adults with ADHD:

Individual coaching openings are extremely limited, and every potential client must complete a Request for Coaching Interview form.  Coaching effectiveness is greatly influenced by the quality of the coach/client partnership, so we can only work together if we connect, and you are committed to take your career, your business, your LIFE to the next ambitious level.

In addition to our connection, you must be willing and able to invest the time, effort and money necessary to achieve results.  Should you qualify, you may be asked to join a waiting list.  However, once you are accepted and a slot becomes available, expect to schedule two or three sessions each month for an hour or two depending on your needs and the scope of your ambitions.

You can anticipate coaching for a minimum of four months so you can make and solidify changes in your life.  Leave too quickly risk and you risk falling back into old habits again.

Investment: $475 to 1000 per month

I ask that you be ready to invest a minimum of 4 months since coaching is an ongoing process as you strive to create a better of yourself and reach your full potential. If you are seriously considering coaching with us, and are willing and able to invest the time, effort and money, please complete a Request for Coaching Interview form.