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Help! I Have no Willpower! How to Survive Without It.

willpower“I just don’t seem to have enough discipline, she exclaimed face in her hands. Every week I try to set aside time so I can write but it never happens. I end up checking emails even though I vow never to check them when it’s writing time. My husband now rolls his eyes every time I talk about writing my book and it hurts that he doesn’t believe me, but I don’t blame him. I don’t believe ME. Is it my ADHD that’s stopping me or do I simply lack willpower?”

Mary, a creative genius I was coaching to help her tap into her creativity and overcome her ADHD, had been trying to write a book she had floating around in her head for five years, but was getting nowhere. Yes, her ADHD made her more impulsive than most but it wasn’t the whole story. Willpower is a finite resource and to achieve a dream, you’ve got to go beyond the “buckle down and just do it approach.”

In this Facebook Live session, I’ll share the strategies Mary used to finally get her book written, and how you can use those same strategies to accomplish anything you want!

Monday, March 13th at 12:15 pm EST

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