As Linda mentions in her March 24th newsletter, she has 5 spots for individual coaching because of her new group coaching program. Since there are only a few spots, she wanted to give quick access to those who are ready right now to get started and are interested in coaching over the next 6 months. Complete this form to be considered for one of the spots.

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    Overcome overwhelm.Become more productive at work.Better manage my time and projects.Overcome procrastination.Achieve work-life balance.Meet my commitments to others.Overcome my ADHD.Find the best career for me.Better manage my finances.Start my own business.Manage/Grow my business.Set and achieve my goals.Improve my relationship.Manage a life transition.

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    I'm ready and available as early as April 3rd, 2017 between 8 am and 6 pm EST to coach on

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