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Conference: Changes that Stick! for the Montreal Adult ADHD Support Group

November 30, 2010, 7 pm. – 9 pm.
ADHD Coach Linda Walker

…Have you ever tried to change anything about your life but found you constantly slipped back into your old habits? Have you ever set a New Year’s Resolution, and then set it again the next year, and then the year after that…? Do you seem to have the same goals year after year, goals that just don’t seem to get any closer?

Coach Linda will reveal how to effectively make changes in your life so that things actually change AND so that you don’t slip back into your old habits! Imagine how your life would be different if this New Year’s Eve, you could make resolutions that would really work in your life?! If you could make “changes that stick?”

Venue: Allan Memorial Building (corner of Peel and Pine St)
of the Royal Victoria Hospital
Montreal, QC

Cost: $0

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  1. This was a first class presentation by Linda that showed insight and coping techniques that can be very useful both for ADHD’s and those who have to deal with us. Linda has the coaching technique of asking the right question at the right time well mastered.
    Thanks for an inspiring evening Linda!

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