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Coaching Readiness Assessment

This questionnaire is to be completed only after you’ve gone through our FAQ and had your questions answered and have made a decision that you want, are willing and able to invest a minimum of $1400 to coach.

Once we receive the results of your questionnaire, we will contact you to offer you a short 20-minute phone session with Linda to determine the frequency of our sessions and the start date of the coaching. During this session, you will need a valid credit card to secure your first month’s coaching payment.

So, are you ready? Let’s find out.

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Which describes you best?
I am an executive with ADHD.I am a professional with ADHD.I am an entrepreneur with ADHD traits.I am the parent of an adult with ADHD.I am a creative genius.

I need help to (check all that apply):
Overcome overwhelm.Become more productive at work.Better manage my time and projects.Overcome procrastination.Achieve work-life balance.Meet my commitments to others.Overcome my ADHD.Find the best career for me.Better manage my finances.Start my own business.Manage/Grow my business.Set and achieve my goals.Improve my relationship.Manage a life transition.

You’ve answered all my questions about coaching
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I’ve made my decision and this is the right time to start coaching with you
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I am ready to try on new ideas and adopt different behaviors
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I am ready to eliminate self-defeating behaviors that limit my success
YesNot quiteNo

I see coaching as an investment in myself and will not regret this investment
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I will prioritize the required resources (time, energy, money) for my coaching
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I have the energy to engage in change
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I have a minimum of $350 to invest each month for a minimum of 4 months
YesNot quiteNo

I am free of major psychological issues that could impede my progress
YesNot quiteNo

I will come to our first session prepared to engage

We Serve International Clients!

We’ve worked with clients in all of the following countries:

• Canada
• United States
• Brazil
• Switzerland
• France
• Netherlands
• South Africa
• Algeria
• Iran
• Turkey
• And more…