If coaching individually will cause a serious financial burden on you, I prefer you find the funds to invest in your coaching before you start than to jump in and then find out you can’t continue past the first month or two.

It’s better if you pool together the funds for 8 to 10 session ahead of time and THEN begin since interrupting after a month or two, because you can’t afford to continue, will likely be a waste because it’s too soon for your new habits or system to become entrenched in your life and you’ll most likely fall back to your old ways in no time.

However, if you hesitate to commit to coaching simply because it will prevent you from have the money to pay for your 500 cable channels or won’t have the money to go out with your buddies every Friday for beer, I invite you to consider the impact of not addressing your challenges with ADHD. What is it costing your productivity? What is the cost on your self-confidence and self-esteem? What is it costing your loved ones that they can’t count on you to keep your commitments? Unfortunately many ADHD wait until hit rock bottom before they take action. And maybe that’s what you’ll have to do to realize that it’s time to invest in yourself.

If you can’t afford the time between sessions or you’re pressed for time and want to achieve results yesterday, think again. Unlike therapy, the majority of coaching results happen BETWEEN sessions as you apply the new strategies and plans of action we put together. We humans need time to change. Pushing yourself too fast, is just like making New Year’s resolutions, you’ll break them within the first 17 days.

If you have no energy, you need to work on your lifestyle and I can help you to adopt an ADHD-friendly lifestyle. However, if you are suffering from deep depression, now is not the time to start coaching. You need to seek help from a therapist first.

If you’re not currently coachable, no worries. It doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to coach.

To take on a coaching relationship, you need to have the financial resources, the time to implement and integrate new strategies and the energy to get out of your comfort zone.

I hope that if all these conditions are good, that you’ll choose the work with me.