First, I think it’s important you consider Coaching as an investment in yourself. How much is it costing you not to invest in yourself to overcome your ADHD challenges? How much is it costing your loved ones? What could be possible if you decided to invest in a tried-and-true program to manage ADHD?

Fees are charged monthly in advance of each month. They depend on the level of support you want, the number of scheduled sessions and the length of the sessions.

Currently, the majority of clients request coaching engagements for
2 scheduled sessions per month with an investment of $375 CAD or
3 scheduled session per month with an investment of $475 CAD per month.

High-level executive coaching can run up to $1000/month.

You can purchase a bank of 10 hours of ADHD coaching for an investment of $1500; however, all 10 hours must be used up by the end of month 6 beyond the first session.

You must be willing to invest in at least 8 to 10 sessions over 3 to 4 months; otherwise, you’ll leave coaching too early to make any change a solid constant part of your life.