You’re interested in my services and need more information. In the past, we met each person who had a request individually. When we’d experience a large influx of requests for information sessions, the wait times were over 4 months. Then we created live group information session but many information seekers found it difficult to connect to American bridgelines and would miss the sessions. To ensure a faster process of your coaching information requests, we have created a process that we feel will help you get answers to your most burning questions about ADHD Coaching and our online training programs. In order to be able to treat demands more quickly, we ask that you respect this process.

Here are the steps that will allow you to make a more informed decision and to get the services you need more quickly.

  1. Listen to the videos or read the information by following the links on this page. These will tell you more about my services, my programs and about how ADHD coaching works. They should clear up most questions you may have about my training.
    How did Linda become a coach?

    Tell me more about the online programs

    I want to know more about the Thrive! program to optimize focus and increase your productivity

    I want to know more about Achieve!, our ADHD-friendly time management program

    What does ADHD coaching look like?

    How much does ADHD Coaching Cost?

    Will coaching work for me?

    What do I need before I am ready to begin coaching?

  2. If, after having reviewed this information, you still have questions about my services and programs, I invite you to write your unanswered questions in the dialog box below. We will respond to your questions by email.Don’t be shy; ask any and all questions you may have about my services. It might help us provide better answers if you also tell us the top 3 things you’d like to achieve from working with us.You may want to tell us the “story” of your ADHD, and feel free to do so if you find it helpful to do so. However, be aware that we may not read it as taking time to read each story delays our answering your questions. It’s not that we are not interested, but coaching is not about the past, it’s about your current situation and what you’d like to achieve for the future to reach your potential. So go ahead and ask your questions, and if it is needed for clarity, tell us what you want to achieve from working with us.
  3. When you are satisfied that we have answered all your questions, and that you are ready to act, choose an online program or, if you’re ready and able to start an individual coaching program of at least 8 sessions, within the next two or three weeks, complete the Coaching Readiness Assessment. Once we receive the results of your questionnaire, we will offer you a short 20-minute phone session with Linda (me) to determine the frequency of our sessions and the start date of the coaching. We’ll also take your credit card information for the first month’s coaching payment.

We hope this approach will allow you to reach us more quickly and get the services when you need them. We look forward to working with you.