My name is Linda Walker and I am a certified ADHD Coach, Trainer and Speaker. I trained with the ADD Coach Academy in 2004 and the school of hard knocks since 1984.

You see I have a daughter who, at age 6, was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADHD. Like most parents would, we read everything we could find on ADHD but in 1994, there wasn’t much out there on ADHD, especially not on girls. Then we read Driven to Distraction by Ned Hallowell and John Ratey.

It described to a T not only my daughter’s ADHD symptoms but explained that ADHD is hereditary and continues into adulthood. In fact, we recognized that my husband Duane had ADHD and was the poster child for ADHD.

I’m sure many of you have discovered your ADHD after a family member was diagnosed. In 1997, Duane was officially diagnosed and our journey with ADD adulthood began.

At the time, Duane and I fought a lot. We were under so much stress:

Financially – event though I had a nest egg put aside before we got married, in no time we blew through that and managed to get into deep debt.

Division of household chores was also a problem. I’d ask Duane for help around the house. I was working full time (had to with our finances), and managed everything from our two daughters’ homework, to grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, home and car repairs, paper work, our dismal finances, you name it, I took care of it – and while Duane seemed to sincerely want to help, he’d forget and then I’d do it.

Duane was also very sensitive to criticism and had a lot of challenges with controlling his temper, so our fights could go on for days without ever resolving the source issue.

But one of the biggest issues was Duane’s challenges at work. He changed jobs often because he was bored or felt he was about to lose his job. He did, in fact, lose a couple jobs. He struggled with getting organized, managing his time and procrastination. He’d work late to try to catch up but then arrived home at 9 pm asking me to help him organize his next day.

Eventually we decided that it was time to invest in ADHD Coaching. We cut our cable, stopped calling our family long-distance and ate a bit more Kraft dinner to pay for the coach. It was the best investment we ever made. What that coach knew at the time was nothing compared to what we know now but it still helped in a relatively short time. I began to believe that I might actually have the partner I thought I’d married after all, and not another charge.

It made such a huge impact in his life but also in mine and in our kids. It made an impact at his job. In fact, within a year Duane received the promotion he had wanted.

The impact that coach had on our lives is what inspired me to become an ADHD Coach. I have since trained and am certified as an ADHD Coach. I have training as a trainer and teacher specifically in distance education with adults.