Adult ADHD Research Seeks Candidates in Montreal

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Hi everyone,

I am forwarding you this information that was presented at an ADHD Support Group in Montreal for those of you who were not there.

There is research going on in Montreal on ADHD in adults! Besides the obvious wanting to help the cause, you may be interested to find out that if you were not diagnosed officially, there will be an evaluation to determine if you indeed have ADHD. I know diagnosis is not always easy to access so here’s your chance.

A study being conducted at McGill University in Montreal on ADHD adults is recruiting healthy men and women with ADHD (18 to 45 yrs. old) who are NOT currently taking ADHD medication (e.g. Ritalin, Adderall, etc).

Prior diagnosis is not required. If you do not have an official diagnosis, you will be tested to ensure that you have ADHD.

What is the study about?

They are studying the relationship between ADHD and dopamine, a chemical messenger that occurs naturally in the brain. This will help them understand what causes ADHD and why stimulant medications help reduce symptoms in some people.

What’s involved?

4 sessions of 1 to 4 hours arranged at your convenience. Sessions include:

  • an interview
  • a complete physical examination
  • PET and MRI scans
  • a few short psychological tests.
  • Participants will receive one dose of the ADHD medication Dexedrine ONCE.
  • Participants will be compensated.

If you are interested or for more information contact Mariya at 514-398-4916 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              514-398-4916      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or email at

Buildings routines as an adult with ADHD

I’m so excited about this and really have to tell someone. First, I’ve put up a blog and have been contributing to the addcoachingblog, and there’s more… Ready, here it is: I’m writing a book on productivity management for ADHDers. I started in September with an idea and in October with an outline and am happy to say the first draft is almost finished.

A lesson learned…

As I am writing this book, I realise just how difficult it is to create the routine of writing. I’ve tried many formulas but have found that what worked best for me is the same as what I would suggest to a client with ADHD. That is, to attach this routine to another one that I already are consistently doing. Being a believer in the importance of breakfast, I never miss it so I’ve been writing while I’m having breakfast. As a result, I’ve been writing consistently at least one hour a day every day.

What routine do you want to create in your life? Can you anchor it to another one you’re already doing?

A solution for ADHDers who forget their ADHD medications

Many of my ADHD clients are frustrated by their difficulty with estimating time and being on time to appointments. Their spouses and friends get annoyed at their tardiness. In our Time Management workshop for ADHDers we help participants find ways to get reminded of appointments and when they need to take their medications.

Many decide to use a PDA (Palm Pilot, Blackberry or iPaq) to get those reminders. For those who prefer a paper agenda reminders are more difficult to arrange. Here’s an article on how you can get free reminders using Internet agendas like Google Calendar and setting them up to remind you by text messaging you on your cell phone. I tried it and it works! Remember though that text messaging may cost you a few cents more. The article talks about using these reminder systems to reminders to take your ADHD medications.

“Funny how the biggest problems most people have with these ‘addictive’ medications is forgetting to take them! What do you think?”