Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD or ADD) is difficult to manage on your own without access to affordable ADD solutions. You’ve received a proper diagnosis and may have begun treatment with medications, and still you’re struggling.

This is what my family found when we first discovered that my youngest daughter had ADHD and that she had inherited it from her father. We had expected that medications would solve all our problems but realized we needed more help.

You probably discovered that you also need to improve your knowledge of ADHD, learn ADD-friendly lifeskills, and develop ADD-friendly skills for managing your life. We’ve developed affordable ADD solutions because we understand that you may not have the means to invest in coaching yet.

Our solutions include free ecourses and reports and low-cost ecourses. We’re also continuously developing low-cost ADHD specific conferences and online training.

Free ADD and ADHD Reports and ECourses

Live ADHD-Friendly Training

ADD and ADHD Reports and ECourses

All our Reports and Ecourses are paired with timely email instructions to help you stay on course. You will also receive FAS Forward, the ezine for entrepreneur, professionals, artists and adults with ADHD and other creative geniuses, to help you Unleash Your Creative Genius.

FAS Forward offers strategies, tips and provides information on other affordable ADD solutions as they become available to you. It is published usually twice a month, unless we are promoting a program people have requested in the past.

If you decide to sign up, after you’ve entered your name and email and clicked the Submit button, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your registration to the list. Simply open the email and click on the confirmation hyperlink. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time.

Free Ecourses

We offer several eCourses delivered to you via email once a week. Courses include areas where ADHDer struggle the most.

Productivity Myths Busted!

This report provides many counter-intuitive strategies to achieve more, feel more satisfied, and feel more competent.


Learn how to achieve your goals.

This series of emails provides the elements required to achieve your goals.


Low-cost ADHD Self-Study and Group Coaching Programs

Self-Study Catalogs

These programs may include ebook and/or workbook, audio recordings, and/or a series of videos, that are available for immediate download. These self-study ADHD programs allow you to take advantage of a little-known strategies on topics like how to improve your ability to focus and double, maybe even triple, your productivity each day, how to better manage your money, how to reach your goals despite your ADHD. It provides a series of exercises to help you become aware of how your brain works, and then encourages you to use the new information to change how you do things so that they lead to the results you want while confirming to how your brain works best. Many of the Self-Study ADHD programs are also available with group coaching.

$99 Canadian

Live ADHD-Friendly Training

Can’t seem to get much done on your own? If you tend to keep your commitments with others but not with yourself, here are affordable ADD solutions that include contact with warm bodies. These include live conferences, teleclasses and webinars.

ADD and ADHD Conferences and Workshops

Conferences are local events that take place at a set location usually in Montreal; however, at times it may take place elsewhere.

Live ADHD Workshops

Delivered by Coach Linda Walker these workshops discuss issues related to ADHD and provide practical solutions that are ADHD-friendly. You’ll be given exercises to help you begin to progress in the right direction almost immediately. For mor information on ADHD Workshops that are offered, subscribe to our ezine as we announce all new workshops.

ADD and ADHD Online Training

Online training are events such as teleclasses and webinars that are done remotely. These events don’t require that you be at the same location as the speaker.

Teleclasses are done over a bridgeline, a specialized phone line that can accept many participants on the same line at the same time, a bit like a party line. Webinars also use the same bridgeline technology to link participants to the speaker; however, they also include a visual component. You will be given access to the speaker’s presentation and other materials while you are participating on the event.

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