Your affiliate revenues are 10 – 30% of our revenues before taxes for purchases made by  customers you’ve referred to us.

      1. It counts as a referral when someone clicks on one of your affiliate links (URL) and purchases the program or service within 90 days (in technical terms, cookies are set to 120 days).
      2. There is no minimum payout; however, if the payout is less than $50 you’ll be paid at the end of the program.  Given that many of our programs are offered over a period of months, and that we offer a money-back guarantee, payments are structured as follows:  100% is paid in August for programs ending on or before July 31 or in February for programs ending on or before January 31.
      3. We pay through Paypal or by cheque.
      4. If you own a large list or have influence over a large group of people, you can apply for our Master Ninja Affiliate program. If you are applying to be an affiliate, we look forward to interviewing you.  Our affiliates are our partners, and like you, we work with people we know, like and trust.  We reserve the right to reject your application at our discretion.
      5. We also reserve the right to remove you from the program at our discretion.  This is unlikely, but could happen if you are promoting our services using material (content, works or anything else) that constitutes, or that we determine constitutes:
        1. material that breaches any applicable laws, regulations or legally binding codes;
        2. material that infringes any third party intellectual property rights or other rights;
        3. indecent, obscene, pornographic or lewd material;
        4. material that is offensive or abusive, or is likely to cause annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety to another Internet user;
        5. computer viruses, spyware, trojan horses or other malicious or harmful routines, programs or software; and/or
        6. spam or unsolicited bulk email [or unsolicited commercial email].
      6. The following actions are not included in our affiliate program and so we do not pay for:
        1. any visits to or actions upon our Web site(s) made by or on behalf of you, any parent or subsidiary company, any employee, agent or any person related to any of them.
        2. any amount received by us that is by means of the fraudulent or unlawful use of a credit, debit or other payment card, or by any other fraudulent or unlawful means; or
        3. If a customer you referred doesn’t pay us or requests a refund, we can’t pay you.  Although requests for full refund of our programs are extremely rare – it hasn’t happened yet and we’ve been selling programs since 2006 – should a customer request a full refund on a program for which you’ve been partially or fully paid, we will be obliged to charge back the affected portion.
        4. and we will be entitled to require repayment of any payments we’ve made to you as a result of such visits, actions and purchases.

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