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ADHD & Your Life as a Couple

Building a Strong Relationship When You, Your Partner or Both Have ADHD  ADHD has a tremendous impact on the life of a couple when one or both have it. Missed commitments, division of household chores, stress due to loss of job or financial difficulties create a perfect recipe for disaster.

On Saturday, February 26, 2011, we will be hosting a conference to build a strong relationship when you, your partner or both have ADHD.

This conference will be presented by Duane Gordon, my husband for over 26 years and who has ADHD, and I, Linda Walker, ADHD Coach.

In this half-day conference and workshop, Duane and I will share our experience as an ADHD couple – with frank honesty and presenting both points of view – and we’ll tell you exactly how we managed to overcome many of the common issues that ADHD couples face.

As with all our conferences, this promises to be an entertaining and highly interactive experience for the participants!

For more information, visit https://coachlindawalker.com/adhd-couple.shtml

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