Linda Walker, founder and president of Focus Action Success, Inc., already an experienced trainer, workshop leader and public speaker was inspired to become an ADHD coach working exclusively with adults when she saw the benefits ADHD coaching brought to her own family.

When Linda’s husband, Duane Gordon, first worked with an ADHD coach, he had just been demoted at work and was on the verge of losing yet another job.  ADHD-specific training and coaching enabled Duane to transform his life, and the positive results rippled out through his family, friends, co-workers and beyond.

Linda believes a better awareness and understanding of ADHD in adults will unleash an untapped resource of creativity and unstoppable energy that can only benefit our communities. Would your group benefit from a better understanding of adult ADHD?

Focus Action Success, Inc. offers training and workshops that not only create awareness and promote understanding, but offer practical solutions and concrete actions that offer real help.  We promote interaction and an active approach to learning that delivers real results.

Here is a sample of the programs that are offered; however, other subjects related to adults with ADHD are possible.

  • Understanding Adult ADHD
  • ADHD and Your Life as a Couple
  • (What was the one you did for the translators?)
  • (What workshops did you do for the Estheticians?)
  • Etc.

Who are the workshops for?

Focus Action Success, Inc. has developed workshops suitable for various audiences, including groups of adults with ADHD (ADHD support groups, entrepreneurs), and people working in a support role with adults with ADHD including educators, parents, counselors, employers and spouses.  Workshops can be specifically tailored to address the needs of your group.

Where workshops are offered?

While most presentations, training sessions or workshops are offered at the requesting group’s location, we can also arrange to hold the sessions at a central location in the Montreal area.  Not from Montreal?  No problem.  The team at Focus Action Success Inc. can travel to wherever you are.  We have offered presentations, training and workshops in St-Jerome, Drummondville, Quebec City, Toronto and as far afield as Vancouver, BC and Atlanta, GA.

Who are the workshop facilitators?

The workshops are developed and delivered by Focus Action Success, Inc. staff members who are experts in the field of adult ADHD, ADHD coaching and training.

How much do they cost?

Our presentations, workshops and training programs are offered as a fee-for-service.  Our rates are based upon the desired length of the workshop, but offer a sliding scale to groups who require it.  Please speak with Focus Action Success, Inc. staff at the time of booking to request a sliding scale fee that is reasonable for your organization.

Who should I contact for more information?

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call Focus Action Success, Inc.  at 514-807-5008. To book a workshop, please complete the Speaking Request Form.