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Adults with ADHD, or as I call them, Creative Geniuses, struggle with getting started or procrastination, time management, setting goals and following through. No matter what you dream of achieving or of becoming, challenges with low personal productivity are roadblocks to success. And even though you strive to improve, traditional approaches for maximizing personal productivity don’t work for you; your brain works differently so strategies that work for most people simply don’t work for you, or worse, are counter-productive! The very characteristics (people call them symptoms, we might call them strengths!) that make you a Creative Genius may have made you less than a stellar student and continue to hold you back in your career.

Just as traditional approaches to improving productivity are unlikely to be effective for Creative Geniuses, you (like everyone else) also have a unique learning style (although because of your ADHD, yours may be “more unique” than most!) If you struggled in school, perhaps it’s not because you can’t learn, but rather that it’s because your learning style isn’t “sitting quietly in a classroom full of other bored children while a teacher talks at you”? You have a learning style that does work for you… if you’re reading this you’ve obviously been able to learn many, many things.

Unlike programs that present information in only one way and leave it to you to figure out how to transform it into something you can learn, to make it easier for you to get the most out of each course or coaching program, we offer a variety of options and support systems to help you decode and absorb information I know is going to transform your life for the better in so many ways!

If you struggled in school, you may already have become adept at self-paced learning, so you’ll be pleased to discover that most of our programs are available as self-directed online programs you work through on your own and at your own pace. Help is always available, of course.

Adult ADHD Self-Directed Online Programs Guide You

Ever notice it’s easy to walk along a line on the floor, but suspend a narrow beam high in the air and it takes on a whole new perspective! Self-directed learning is similar. The lessons aren’t hard. But without a net, without someone to lean on or even just someone there “in case,” the prospect of figuring everything out on your own is daunting, heck, it’s scary!

Self-directed programs are more affordable and more flexible than group coaching programs. You don’t have to show up as a specific time and you don’t have to work at the groups pace. You don’t work with a coach either, though that doesn’t mean it’s “sink or swim on your own” either. Throughout our self-directed training programs, you receive weekly automated emails to guide you step-by-step through mastery of the objectives of the program. All materials – ebooks, videos (if any) and audio – are available online for instant download (you can’t lose them!) and you can work on them anytime of the day or night. You can purchase one-on-one time with a coach should you need it, and we even hold occasional expert-led Q&A sessions (kind of like a professor’s “office hours”) where you can call in and ask questions.

New Mentoring Program Offers Accountability for Adults with ADHD

For those of you who like a more personalized approach, I recommend our new mentoring program. When you enroll in this program, you’ll be assigned a mentor – a highly successful and fully trained ADHDer who’s been where you are but who’s overcome their challenges by following our programs. You’ll begin with an introductory 45-minute private session with your mentor to help you plan your attack. How are you going to work together to get through the material? You’ll do the work, including completing your missions, such as reading or listening to video or audio recordings, doing self-awareness exercises and (most importantly!) implementing what you are learning, all with the knowledge that your mentor’s got your back.

Got a question? Need a word of encouragement? Maybe you just need a little “kick in the pants” of accountability. You can work with your mentor in the way that works for you. Maybe you prefer to email your mentor your assignments for review and feedback. Perhaps you’d rather schedule short telephone sessions with your mentor to help keep you on track, get answers, and get additional help as you experiment with and master the strategies you’ve studied and experimented with between sessions.

What You Can Expect From Your Mentor

Shortly after you enroll, you’ll receive an email with your mentor’s name and phone and email contact information.

Your mentor will establish communication with you early.
Your mentor will make the first phone or email contact with you, to allow you and your mentor to meet and understand what support he/she can offer and answer any question related to the program. You can also discuss how you prefer to work and the type of support you think you’re likely to need (although you always have the flexibility to make changes along the way; you work with your mentor the way you work best.)

Your mentor will answer your questions. Should you have any questions, you can email your mentor with the question and, if needed, how he/she can get in touch with you. Sometimes a quick answer by email is all you need while at other times you’ll want to schedule a phone call.

Your mentor will support you. At various points, you have exercises to do in the program. Sometimes, it can be very helpful to have feedback, just to make sure you’re headed in the right direction. You may send your work to your mentor using the email address provided. Your mentor will review and comment on your work and if needed, may suggest other solutions or options that can help you further. Your mentor will review your progress from time to time on the members’ site and contact you to ensure you’re making the progress you want to make. This is not “school” and your mentor is not grading you. Your mentor’s role is to help you persist in your program and benefit from the program. He/she can help you determine how you can implement newly learned strategies in your life. If you feel stuck or are struggling with parts of the program, don’t hesitate to contact your mentor for direction or simply moral support.

Your mentor may suggest coaching. If you’re facing an obstacle that, despite trying different approaches, is preventing you from moving you forward, your mentor may suggest you purchase ADHD coaching sessions to deal with the obstacle.

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