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From Rags to Riches: ADHD Money Strategies Training

adhd-money You asked for it… finally, you’ve got it! I’m thrilled to announce I will be offering my ADHD Money Management course. The timing is perfect. You can take this course now and, instead of digging yourself out of a financial “Christmas hangover” in January, this year you can avoid the problem in the first place!

No More ADD Tax!!!

As you know, adults with ADHD struggle with many aspects of managing money. You impulsively make purchases you later realize were poor choices (don’t you hate “infomercials!”) You pay more parking and speeding tickets, late fees, interest charges and penalties – one of my clients calls it the “ADD Tax” – due to inattentiveness and forgetfulness. And chronic disorganization means you’re on a never-ending paper chase.

If you think a money management course will put you to sleep, let me assure you that ADHD Money Management 101 is not a snore-fest of investment advice or directions for creating the perfect budget. Let’s be honest… you haven’t done those things in the past, and you’re not going to start now. No, managing money with adult ADHD demands a completely different approach. Besides, if you’re going to invest, you’ll need to know what your financial situation is, and once you know, you’ll probably need to put some ADHD-friendly strategies for managing your money in place to build up a nest egg first.

What makes this program different? Well, first we’re going to help you take notice of your beliefs. Believe (Ha ha!) it or not, your beliefs about money are the thermostat that decides how much money you’ll make and how much money you’ll keep. If you want more, you’ve got to learn to turn that thermostat up! Then we’ll show you how your habits are keeping you from reaching your full financial potential and we’ll set you on the right track to putting in place the right systems and habits so that you can “manage” your money by setting it and forgetting it!

We haven’t offered course since 2007. Are your finances in good enough shape to wait until the next time we offer it? Sign up now and get your finances on track for a secure future. This 4-week course begins on Wednesday, November 23rd. To register right now, visit ADHD Money Management 101.

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