Coaching groups have a maximum of fifteen participants.  We meet two or three times per month using teleconferencing technology, and continue the conversation on a members-only site where you have access to numerous resources and the opportunity to exchange with other members of your group.  Participants are typically selected because they share similar backgrounds or ambitions and strive towards compatible goals.

Group coaching offers:

  • A safe, nonjudgmental environment that allows you to share things you can’t reveal elsewhere, and to receive feedback from people who totally get you.
  • The support and encouragement of your community, your peers, what Seth Godin calls your “tribe”, will move you much faster toward your goals.
  • Brainstorming with fellow Creative Geniuses that will dramatically improves your progress.
  • Accountability motivates amazing progress when you share your goals and celebrate your achievements with people who are only interested in your success.
  • Valuable feedback and advice from peers who’ve “been there, done that” before implementing untested ideas.
  • Support and encouragement from other proactive, objective people who want you to succeed.
  • The opportunity to be appreciated as a valued member of a very exclusive group.
  • Meaningful relationships with your fellow group members.

(Inspired by: Coachville)

Group coaching may accompany a training program to leverage the benefits of applying new strategies and skills specifically to your life.  Far more effective than traditional training, group members set the direction and pace of the discussion, and each member shares his or her goals and commits to take action.

Investment:  $259 to $325 per month