ADHD Group Coaching Programs

We design our ADHD group coaching programs to offer you the best chance for success. We investigate the details of layered learning here. But Creative Geniuses get better results when we combine group coaching with training. One study showed students achieve three times more positive change. Results showed learning leading to real change rose from 25% to 87%.

My team and I offer two group coaching programs that use improved model:

  • Focus to Freedom
  • Plan to Succeed
ADHD Online Training

How Are These Programs Better than the Status Quo?

You’re Part of a Community That GETS You.

Life as a Creative Genius is often lonely. Neurotypicals – colleagues, co-workers, family, and friends – judge you when you can’t conform or deliver as they do. You feel misunderstood and isolated in your struggles.

In our group programs, you are part of a community with others who face the same issues you do. Instead of criticism, you find camaraderie, encouragement, and support. All the benefits of a support group, but with forward momentum. Because we all want a bigger and better life.

A Surprise Benefit

There is a surprise benefit when Creative Geniuses work in these group programs. You’ll let go of shame and gain self-acceptance and self-compassion. This is important. In fact, it’s essential to your mental health and well-being. And it only comes from the support of a like-minded community.

Even better than a support group, you’ll meet fellow Creative Geniuses ready to act. They want a better life. Like you do. And like you, they’re ready to make concrete changes to make that happen. Their momentum is inspiring and builds motivation for you and your peers. Together, each of you makes more progress than if you worked alone.

Achieve Massive Progress

We build every program on a foundation of ADHD-friendly training. Then we add interactive live group coaching weekly. We also deliver more help to put what you learn into practice. These are unlike any programs you’ve taken. We’re with you every step of the way.

We hold weekly group coaching and Q&A sessions. We organize “watch parties” to help you get through the material. And we hold implementation sessions to get you into action. You get support and encouragement, from the leaders and from your peers. Everything works together to ensure you achieve massive progress.

When Can I Start?

We offer our group coaching programs every year. Our next available programs are as follows:

  • Focus to Freedom begins in January 2023.
  • Plan to Succeed begins in September 2023.

But I Can’t Wait!

Can’t wait for the program? You need help now? You can start the online training for these programs any time. Start the training now. Apply what you learn immediately. You still have the option to join the full coach-led program when it starts. You lose nothing. We apply what you paid for the self-guided training to reduce your group coaching program fee. Learn about our self-directed online training programs here.