Building a Strong Relationship When You, Your Partner or Both Have ADHD

Do you feel ADHD is ruining your relationship? Life – holding down a job, taking care of the house, paying the bills, raising the kids – takes its toll on every couple. Throw ADHD into the mix, for one or both partners, and things often go downhill fast. You forget how his imagination, sense of humor and creativity were so much fun when you met. Her quirkiness and impulsivity used to be cute, but now it’s driving you crazy! You just wish someone could fix your partner because…

  • He won’t talk to me (Or he interrupts me constantly!)
  • He forgets everything I tell him!
  • She’s always late!
  • I just can’t count on her.
  • He can’t keep a job! Do I have to support him?
  • It takes her forever to do anything!
  • The house is always a disaster!
  • We’re two years behind filing our income taxes!
  • He blows up at nothing and our fights are terrible!
  • She can’t take a joke; the smallest thing causes a fight!
  • He doesn’t help around the house. He says he will, but…
  • He never keeps his promises!
  • She doesn’t pay attention when I talk.
  • He never finishes anything he starts. We have a dozen unfinished projects around the house.
  • The bills are always late because she procrastinates!
  • It’s like having another kid instead of a partner!

Sound familiar? It does to us! We’re Duane Gordon and Linda Walker, and we’ve lived through challenges just like these in our 28+ years together. For the first 13 years of our marriage, Linda felt doomed to live a roller coaster ride of frustration, heavy debt and resentment where the only way out was a divorce. Duane wasn’t happy with the situation either… he always felt underappreciated, because he always had to work long hours at his job just to keep up, and eventually, with the constant complaining and fighting at home, he didn’t always mind staying late at the office! Then in 1997, Duane was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD).

  • 75% of adults with ADHD have serious interpersonal problems
  • ADHD adults are twice as likely to be divorced than non-ADHD adults
  • 58% of marriages where one partner has ADHD are dysfunctional.

But ADHD is not a “death sentence” for your relationship! Adults with ADHD can be fantastic partners – the proof – our relationship is a strong and loving, and they both thrive and feel fulfilled!

Things have changed a lot since those early days. Linda is now an ADHD Coach working exclusively with ADHD adults, or what she call “Creative Geniuses,” and Duane is a successful high-technology professional and emerging artist.

In this workshop, Duane and Linda will share their experience as an ADHD couple – with frank honesty and presenting both points of view – and they’ll tell you exactly how they managed to overcome many of the common issues that ADHD couples face. As with all their conferences, this promises to be an entertaining and highly interactive experience for the participants!

They’ve prepared this workshop, delivered over four 2-hour sessions specifically to deliver tangible results for adults with ADHD and the people living in close relationships with them. After each weekly session you’ll leave with a mission – these ones are possible – to complete together. By the end of the session, you will:

  • Know the real facts about Adult ADHD
  • Understand how ADHD is affecting your relationship (the good and the bad)
  • Discover strategies to immediately improve your relationship
  • Open communication that works for both of you: understand, and be understood
  • Transform your relationship, starting right now, into one where both partners thrive
  • Put the romantic spark back in your romance.
  • Have fun again!

Yes! we’re ready to learn strategies to
better relationships

Where: In the comfort of your own home. We will meet on a bridgeline, a special phone system that allows you to speak to and hear what other people are saying, and also get involve. Don’t worry, we have created ground rules for all participants so that not everyone is talking at the same time.
When: To be determined – likely in September 2013
Cost: To be determined.
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