Whatever your goals, you ambitious professionals with ADHD (or as I prefer to call you, Creative Geniuses), you go further, achieve more and arrive faster when you work with a coach. Training certainly offers benefits, but if you want do get every last drop of goodness out of the time and money you invest in training, from anything you learn, you’ll work with a coach who helps you adapt and apply each new strategy or skill to your unique situation.

Some Benefits of Coaching with an ADHD Coach

Coaching moves you forward… by leaps and bounds.  You’ll reach your most ambitious goals faster and more effectively than you can alone.

  • Gain clarity and focus.
  • Boost your energy, passion and inspiration.
  • Leverage accountability to progress daily through practice.
  • Do more, and do it better.
  • Enjoy your success.  You CAN get satisfaction.

When you work with me, I’ll help you:

  • Clarify your objectives and set laser-focused goals.
  • Target and master the exact skills and strategies you need to achieve your goals.
  • Apply those skills and strategies in your life to maximize your real benefits.
  • Improve your “Inner Game.”  Transform thoughts, feelings and beliefs that hold you back into thoughts, feeling and beliefs that instead propel you to new heights.
  • Design your winning environment so your physical environment, relationships, finances, health and beliefs align to synergistically boost your drive to your ambitious goals.
  • As a partner, together we evaluate your progress, celebrate, adjust as necessary and plan your next steps to achieve your loftiest ambitions.
  • Ask the tough questions, questions that lead you to game-changing “Ah ha! Moments” and transformational discoveries.

A study conducted from 2001 to 2005 shows numerous long-term benefits of ADHD Coaching.

How ADHD Coaching Works

Creative Geniuses march to their own drummer.  We strive to stay as flexible as you are, and to offer services that meet your personal and financial needs by offer coaching in several customizable formats.


Your investment in coaching will vary with the format you select, the number of sessions each month and the length of those sessions.   Coaching sessions are typically 50 minutes each, but some clients find adding 25-minute individual coaching to supplement one of our online self-directed coaching programs is just the thing to really ramp up their results.  You’ll learn more about each of the options below.


As we rush through life, ever busier and pulled in every direction, we are conditioned to resist even one more commitment.  Coaching isn’t “one more commitment.”  Effective coaching, with both you and me fully committed to your success, will transform your life… and let’s face it, that kind of change might take a little time.  But it’s certainly worth it, so I ask clients to be prepared to work with me for at least three months.

Phone Coaching

I coach primarily by phone.  Although I also receive the occasional client in my office, over the years I have found phone coaching very successful, with even local clients often preferring it to face-to-face coaching.

Clients who’ve tried both face-to-face and phone coaching typically report they find it easier to focus during phone coaching because their visual senses are not as stimulated as when they are in an unfamiliar environment like my office.

Of course, coaching by phone is much more affordable and convenient than traveling to my office for each appointment.  I’ll ask you to call from a place where you will not be disturbed.  I also suggest you invest in a headset for your phone (which cost as little as $20).  By coaching by phone, you avoid dealing with parking, the price of gas and time lost in transit.  And you’ll miss fewer appointments since it’s so much easier.

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