Adults with ADHD excel in roles that take advantage of their Creative Genius qualities, but they often find themselves struggling in the corporate world; after all, you’re non-conformists with big dreams, creative ideas and a high tolerance for risk taking, the antithesis of corporate culture. Many adults with ADHD leave the corporate world to become entrepreneurs.

ADHD Business CoachingYou can feel the energy that drives you.  You are creative, intelligent, ambitious and … frustrated.

Are you tired of fighting the current?  You have big dreams, amazing plans and incredible ideas.  When everything comes together, wonderful things happen…

Or at least, wonderful things would happen if you could get everything to come together.  It may not feel like it, but…

You have the abilities to realize any dream… you just need to tap into them.

Do you often feel that there is more greatness in you, in your future, than other people see in you?  Do you ever feel that you…
ADHD Entrepreneur

  • Can see the big picture in your business but you struggle with determining the steps to get there?
  • Lose track of time?  You have the gift of intense focus and amazing stamina.
  • Get bored easily, and when you do, it drives you crazy?  You just can’t get started on the paperwork inherent in any business.
  • Need constant challenge, to learn new things and to compete in new arenas and so, you jump from one idea to another and often don’t complete your projects?
  • Are disorganized?  You thrive in chaos that would drive other people crazy, but at the same time you don’t have the patience to put up with losing or forgetting things because you’re disorganized!
  • Are a creative problem solver, always thinking outside the box?

As an entrepreneur, your ADHD traits can be a blessing and a curse all at once.  We help you:

  • Set goals that inspire you and help you stay focused on what’s important to you.
  • Create systems to streamline boring tasks so they take less time and mental energy to complete and they become easy to delegate!
  • Develop habits to ensure every important aspect of your business and personal life are in perfect harmony with what you want to achieve.
  • Create routines that prevent anything falling through the cracks, leaving you in total control.
  • Orchestrate your activities in ways that empower you to reach the full potential.
  • Improve your productivity without stifling your amazing creativity.

You benefit from this approach when:

  • You are finally able to bring your unique ideas to fruition.
  • You manage your business competently, always focused on what inspires you.
  • You honor your commitments and derive satisfaction in your life.
  • You create a business model that is more profitable, more structured and more easily sold or pass on.
  • You hone your habits to automatically mold yourself into a better version of yourself.
  • You create, and live, the life of your dreams.

If you have ADHD or are struggling with many of its traits, you must work with a coach who understands the struggles of ADHD.  Only a coach with special training and experience can offer approaches that overcome those ADHD challenges and show you how to take full advantage of your strengths and Creative Genius to empower you to build your business.  We offer individual business coaching and group coaching in different areas of business.

If you know you can do more, be more and achieve more than you are right now, but you can’t figure out what’s holding you back, we can help you.  If you’re committed to change and are willing and able to invest in building the business of your dreams, complete the Request a coaching interview form.