As an adult with ADHD, your first and most important job is to learn everything you can about ADHD, especially in adults, and about your own Adult ADHD in particular.  If you don’t understand how you work, it will be very difficult to adopt strategies that work for you.

You’ll also need to educate your loved ones.  It is often difficult for spouses and family members of adults with ADHD to understand how pervasive ADHD can be.  All they know about ADHD is what they’ve read on the Internet or heard through the media, so they’re working with the same (mostly mis-) information as everyone else.  The more they understand about your ADHD challenges and how best to work with you to ensure harmony at home, at work and in social situations, the better your life and their lives will be.  Excellent sources of information can be found in books at your local library or the bookstore, by attending teleclasses and online workshops, or through local support groups specifically for adults with ADHD and their families.

ADHD Treatment Options


Once diagnosed, adults with ADHD may want to speak to their physician about medications to treat ADHD.  There are more choices than ever before, and medications are constantly improving.  It’s important not to make your decisions about ADHD medications based on “what you heard” but on medical advice from a qualified physician.  Whether you choose to take medication as part of your treatment plan or if you decide not to, remember that medications alone are rarely enough to help adults with ADHD achieve success in life.


The struggles to succeed in life, at school, at work and in relationships with undiagnosed ADHD often lead to feelings of inadequacy and poor self-esteem.  These don’t automatically disappear following diagnosis.  Adults diagnosed with ADHD may need psychotherapy to overcome their feelings of failure, to get help with depression or anxiety disorders if these are also part of their diagnostic picture, or to cope with the anger and regret they may feel about not having been diagnosed earlier.

ADHD Coaching

ADHD coaching is an integral part of a complete ADHD treatment plan for ADHD.  ADHD coaching has an excellent reputation and is proven one of the best ways to help adults with ADHD improve their life and achieve their goals.  Coaching can help you reach major goals and help you develop strategies to overcome the challenges of everyday life so you can concentrate on what makes you the amazing person you are.  We have an entire section of this Web site about ADHD coaching and how it might benefit you.

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