Your ADHD Support TeamCoaching is an alliance between a professionally trained coach (that’s me) and a motivated client with goals and dreams (that’s you). An ADHD coach is trained as a coach, and has sought a great deal of additional knowledge about ADHD and how it affects their clients. We work with you to help you achieve your goals and overcome your challenges. You’re probably familiar with one type of coaching role from watching people who play organized sports as they often have a coach, but there are many different types of coaches, who provide different types of coaching.

It might surprise you to know that high-level executives and entrepreneurs work with coaches too. Coaches like me help them focus on the essentials, make better decisions and devise strategies. There are sports coaches and executive coaches, but there are also life coaches, career coaches and business coaches. Name a field; there’s probably a coach.

There are also coaches with special training to help clients with unique needs. ADHD coaches are in this category. I have always enjoyed helping entrepreneurs, artists and other creative people. I find them to be passionate, ambitious and innovative (and they often have a quirky sense of humor!) It was only later, after, first my daughter, and then my husband was diagnosed with ADHD, that I realized that many of the people I worked with shared his quirks, which turned out to be ADHD symptoms.

You see, even before I knew about ADHD, I found that many of these people have a poor sense of time, are disorganized, easily distracted (except when they over-focus on a project!), impulsive and frustrated. They’re frustrated because they are highly intelligent, amazingly capable and yet still feel like underachievers.

ADHD CoachingI trained as an ADHD coach, knowing that combined with my business background and ability to relate to ambitious, energetic people and entrepreneurs (having been one myself), this would give me exactly the skills needed to help the people who hadn’t learned to tap into their true potential; people like you. You are passionate, ambitious and creative with big dreams and exciting goals, but you’re struggling with challenges that shouldn’t be holding you back. Whether you’ve been formally diagnosed with ADHD or not, as an ADHD coach, I am well equipped to help you overcome those challenges.

ADHD coaching is a relatively new approach to the treatment of ADHD. While it’s only been around for about 20 years, it has proven to be one of the best ways to help people with ADHD improve their life and achieve their goals. Additionally, experts almost unanimously agree coaching improves the effectiveness of almost every other treatment or approach to dealing with ADHD. Coaching can help you reach major life goals or help you develop strategies to overcome the simple but frustrating challenges of everyday life so you can concentrate on what makes you the amazing person you are.

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