Frustrated with ADHDMany people who could benefit from working with an ADHD coach don’t recognize their own ADHD symptoms. However, even recognizing your own ADHD symptoms does not necessarily mean you would benefit from coaching. Here are some clues to indicate you would benefit from, and should consider, working with a coach:

  • Deep down, you feel you are capable of so much more than you’ve achieved.
  • You have dreams and goals you’re committed to, but you can’t seem to get started.
  • You’re successful and ready for bigger things, but you can’t get organized to do what needs to be done.
  • You’re overwhelmed with work because you can’t seem to delegate.
  • You have lots of great ideas but you rarely get them off the ground.
  • You have ADHD, own a business and are considering expanding or affecting major changes to it.
  • You’ve decided on a new life direction but can’t stop procrastinating.
  • You feel scattered; you have lots of ideas but no direction.
  • Your life is out of balance. For example, your family complains you work too much at the expense of everything else.
  • You are neglecting parts of your life that threaten to (or already) have a negative impact on you and those you love.
  • Your paperwork is disorganized to the point that it’s getting you into trouble.
  • You avoid starting or fail to follow through on boring but essential tasks (see paperwork above!)
  • You have failed repeatedly to change negative habits.
  • You feel frustrated by your lack of achievement.
  • You struggle with daily life, getting to appointments on time, getting organized, etc. and it’s making you miserable.

ADHD Relationship Trouble
If you’re ready to know more about ADHD, visit our Web site section on Adult ADHD or complete an Adult ADHD Self Report Checklist, a questionnaire that will help you evaluate your next steps.

If you think ADHD coaching will benefit you, you’ll need to find the right coach to partner with, and you’ll want to make sure you are ready to work with a coach.

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