I am a trained and certified professional coach, with additional specialized, advanced training to allow me to coach people with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). In that capacity, I offer personal development coaching for passionate, driven people with ADHD. I work exclusively with adults, and more precisely, I work with professional-level entrepreneurial, innovative, creative and talented people with big dreams and ambitious goals.

These people tend to run outside the mainstream. They usually feel constrained by conventional jobs, in fact, by convention of any kind. Often, whether they know it or not, they feel this way because they have ADHD. These dynamos have the energy of six ordinary people, but benefit enormously from working with someone who can help them channel that energy.

Are you one of these people? You may not know you have ADHD, but you might be struggling with many of the same challenges. The “official diagnosis” is less important than overcoming your challenges. Are you frustrated because you know you could be doing so much better than you are? Are you struggling to reach your goals because you:

  • Have a pesky inner critic who questions everything you do?
  • Feel you under-achieve compared to what you think you should?
  • Have chronic problems with, and stress over, managing your time?
  • Constantly procrastinate?
  • Have enormous difficulties starting projects, finishing projects or both?
  • Make impulsive decisions, or are unable to make decisions?
  • Avoid paperwork like the plague?
  • Sometimes over-focus to the point of not noticing things you should pay attention to?
  • Have such a poor sense of time that you are chronically late or in a hurry?
  • Seek high-risk activities such as driving fast just to keep your focus?
  • Prefer to run on adrenaline to get things done, “enjoying” emergencies?
  • Wait until the last minute because you “work best on a deadline”?

If these challenges sound familiar, you may have ADHD, and an ADHD coach will be the best coach to help you overcome them and reach your goals. And if you do have ADHD, you’ll be happy to learn many people feel ADHD is actually not a disorder, but an advantage, especially for entrepreneurial, creative, non-conformist people like you.

You’re a Member of an Elite Club

Whether you call yourself a “hunter,” a Creative Genius, a person with ADHD or just a passionate and driven person who could use some help getting organized to deliver on your ambitious goals and big ideas, you are the type of client I work best with and I hope you will allow me the privilege of partnering with you to help you tap into your strengths and achieve your goals.

And what if you are a Creative Genius, but you don’t have any big goals or ambitions left due to a lifetime of struggling and being told you aren’t capable of more that has weighed you down? What if you are still struggling with everyday life? Whether you’ve just discovered you have ADHD or have known for some time, I offer workshops and group coaching services that may be a more cost effective option to start turning your life around.

If you’re not sure what solution would be best for you, don’t hesitate to contact me, as I’d be more than happy to help you determine the ideal solution for your needs and your budget.

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